Wayne A. Madden, a Classic

Past International President Wayne Madden passed away on May 30, 2020 at the age of 73. Madden is remembered as the friendly hometown boy who “done good.”

Peace is the Pathway

In 1988-89, despite the bombings and the violence engulfing his hometown of Beirut, Lebanon during the height of the Lebanese Civil War, 13-year-old Mustapha El Tawokji had a clear image of peace. He drew a soft and peaceful picture of a dove flying over a bed of roses, winning the first Lions Clubs International Peace […]

The Bird Artist

In early spring, sometimes as early as the first cold mornings of March, Jeff Klinefelter will rouse before daybreak and drive out to his pond to get in place before the migrating ducks or other birds light on the water or the woodland edge.

From Beneficiary to Benefactor

The thing is, serving isn’t only about doing something for your community. When a club is truly respected and well-known, the community can’t help but give back. There’s No Place Like Home When the Granville Lions in New York learned that the community’s food pantry was running out of space in the basement of a […]

Canada Celebrates their Centennial

100 years of Lion service There are 47,000 Lions clubs in the world, but only one, the Windsor Downtown Lions, can say they made Lions an international organization. “And you’ll hear their club members say it over and over and over again. ‘We’re the club who made Lions Clubs International,’” says Past International President Judge […]

This Old House

When this young couple’s dream home wasn’t safe for their son, Lions stepped in – and brought their tool belts. Jay and Veronika McHugh had hundreds of people living around them but knew none of them. Their busy city life in Ottawa, Ontario, left them longing for a tighter knit community where they could own […]

Friendship is Blind

A young boy had just finished watching a movie about Helen Keller with his parents when his mother asked him if he knew anyone who is blind. He said, “No.” “But you go to school with blind children,” she reminded him. “No I don’t,” he said. “We are all the same.” Miami Lion Virginia Jacko […]

Growing in the Dark

Lion Floyd Poruban proves life flourishes in all kinds of conditions “WELL , HOW DID YOU DO IT ?” “It’s easy,” Floyd Poruban said to his doubting professor. “One has a sticky flower and one has a dry flower.” A horticulture student at The Ohio State University (OSU), Poruban had been assigned to distinguish between […]

Summer of Lunches

On a hot July morning in the Allegheny Mountains, 15 volunteers are busy in a church kitchen, slicing cucumbers, washing apples, making and bagging and counting sandwiches – a labor of love that’s only complete when 200 healthy sack lunches have been handed one-on-one to the kids in their community. But even then the job’s […]

Growing Up Green

  Fourth graders become foresters In the butterfly garden at Wescott Elementary School near Chicago, fourth graders cheered as they planted a 3-foot-tall tree for Arbor Day, gladly crawling on their knees to press dirt around the roots and make it secure. The Norway spruce wasn’t just any tree. Just like the saplings that the […]