Lions on the Run

Lion Mariusz Szeib echoed former U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s inspirational words about tackling the seemingly insurmountable challenge of going to the moon when he described running hundreds of miles to raise money to support children affected by the war in Ukraine. “We did it, not because it is easy, but because it is hard,” […]

The Carnival Must Go On

When a fire tore through an historic former school building in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, the Middle Paxton Lions Club lost nearly everything it needed to put on their annual fundraiser, a community carnival that they’d hosted for about 60 years. “All of the items we needed for the carnival were stored there, and that’s also where […]

Lions Get in on Octopi Action to Help Preemies Grow

Armed with crochet hooks and boundless enthusiasm, members of a Lions club in Israel are creating colorful stuffed octopi to help premature babies thrive. Research shows that nestling the crocheted sea animals in isolettes can provide benefits for preemies, which is why members of Almog KIryat Ono Lions Club started making the eight-legged octopi in […]

When War Came, Lions Followed

When news hit in late February that Russia had attacked Ukraine, Lions in surrounding countries knew they had to act. “Lions can’t stand by without taking action,” says Marina Sabini, a member of Lions Club Asti, storici, artisti e presepisti in Asti, Italy. “This is what we thought,” she says. “But we waited a few […]

Paving a Pathway to Healing

The Lichfield Lions Club in England showed their kindness by extending a helping hand to the most vulnerable at a time when help was scarce.

Kicking Weeds to the Curb

Kindness isn’t only something Lions show toward people, but to the earth as well. In Finland, most summer jobs were eliminated during the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic. The Lions Club Lahti Ankkurit figured they could do some good for their environment and support the local youth–who typically relied on summer jobs to keep them busy–along the way.

Little Cushions Bring Big Comfort

You never really know how to help a person undergoing cancer treatment unless you’ve been one yourself. In 2016, Adelaide Lions read a blog written by a woman going through treatment for cancer. She wrote that, while she appreciated the gifts from her friends and family, many of them were unsuitable for her condition. The Lions thought they could do better and started the Hear Me Roar! Project that same year.

When Power Lines Go Down, Lions Go to Work

In just a couple of weeks in 2021, south central Virginia was hit by a one-two punch of two winter storms that blanketed the eight-county region in snow and ice. Although many of their own households had been affected by the storms, members of the Charlotte Lions Club came to the rescue.

Wake Up and Smell the Lion’s Roar

The rich aroma of coffee wafting through the open air of a farmer’s market or other community event is especially fragrant for the members of the Grayslake Lions Club. Two years ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the 55-member club, like many others, was challenged to find a fundraiser to replace their pancake breakfast and […]

Reaching Out

When Lions in Easton, Massachusetts saw images on TV of the devastation wrought by a tornado that tore through Kentucky in December 2021, they knew they wanted to do something to help. “It looked [like] something out of a movie,” says Andrew Parker, president of the Easton Lions Club. “When you see that level of […]