A Blueberry Orchard for Generations

An Empty Space Next door to the Albany Victory Gardens in Albany, New York, were unsightly, deserted lots. There were homes on the land that were previously declared uninhabitable, so they sat empty, dangerous, and unbeneficial to the environment. Lion Gregory Sheldon envisioned a better use for this land. He partnered with Albany Victory Gardens, […]

Clearing Clouded Vision in Vanuatu

Clerence has battled diabetes since she was a baby. Unable to afford medical care, she developed cataracts which seriously impaired her vision. She lives in the gorgeous archipelago nation of Vanuatu, home to lush rainforests, soft sand beaches, and surrounded by turquoise water; however, the 23-year-old woman could no longer see its beauty. In Clerence’s […]

SightFirst Gives New Life to People in Burkina Faso

SightFirst Gives New Life to People in Burkina Faso LCIF’s SightFirst program has been restoring and protecting sight for almost 30 years and is now present in 102 countries. This extraordinary program develops comprehensive eye care systems providing aid to underserved populations by developing comprehensive eye care systems. Projects include training eye care professionals and […]

KidSight Program Expands to Change Lives in Colombia

Esteban had never had his vision screened before. He had never seen those strange devices, but the Lions who brought them made him feel safe. He and his schoolmates lined up for vision testing, then followed the simple instructions: Look straight ahead and find the little bunny on the front of the machine. Esteban’s world […]

Campaign 100 Is Supporting New Opportunities for Lions

Communities around the world are in great need, facing challenges that seem to grow and multiply. Nevertheless, Lions work tirelessly – whether it is reaching out to neighbors across town or across borders – to create lasting positive change. Thanks to grants from LCIF, Lions receive the support they need to take on some of […]

Lions Give Supplies and Smiles to Children in Need

Lions Give Supplies and Smiles to Children in Need with the Help of a District & Club Community Impact Grant (DCG) Growing up without parents is hard enough. But it’s even worse when an orphanage is not able to provide everything children need to be happy and healthy. Despite loving and nurturing caretakers, in less […]

Sight for Kids, a Powerful Partnership

Sight for Kids, a Powerful Partnership Ben was 3 years old. He should have felt happy, inquisitive, and brave. Instead, he always seemed to have an angry expression on his face. He rarely smiled. In addition, he had delayed motor skills and difficulty walking; he would frequently run into things. He was frustrated and expressed […]

Lions Quest Students Partner With Leos To Protect The Environment

Ganesha is the Elephant God, the remover of obstacles, the patron saint of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As no Hindu event starts without first invoking Ganesha, Lions Quest students and Leos find great importance in finding a way to honor Ganesha, and in an environmentally friendly way. Every year […]

Lions Celebrate 20 Years of SightFirst in Madagascar

Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness. Moved to change the reality for those affected, more than 20 years ago, Lions in Madagascar started a SightFirst project to address the issue. Since then, the Lions have gone on to do so much more. “When we see the smiles of the people we help, it […]