Twenty Years Later

On Sept. 11, 2001, Shirley Brooks-Jones was on Delta Flight 15, headed from Frankfurt to Atlanta, from where she’d fly to her home in Ohio. She had no idea what was happening in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania or the real reason their plane was being diverted to Newfoundland. “We’ve got a problem with the […]

Chocolate Tater Tots and Blue Feet

Losing her sight has not stopped Heather Bitzan from making her fabulous soups for her three sons. She can read recipes and food labels thanks to an ingenious device called the OrCam, a small camera attached to her eyeglasses that translates information into spoken words. “You know how boys are and eating,” says Bitzan with […]

A High Note

Sometimes Saving One Life Can Help Change Your Own His father calls him “cheeky and cheerful.” Jayden, 3, also is—in the best sense possible—a mimic of sorts. Often confined to a hospital bed while he battles cancer, he’s accustomed to being helped. But he’s learned to do unto others as has been done for him. […]

A Leo Saved My Life

Neither one of them was supposed to be there that night. Bowling with friends, Garrett Towe, 17, was standing in his lane when he noticed a loud commotion two lanes over. A middle-aged man had collapsed. His body was shaking, and he threw up. “Does anybody know CPR?” someone shouted. The irony of it all […]

‘Dogumentary’ Showcases Puppy Raisers

The King City Lions Club in Oregon welcomed a celebrity to one of their meetings: Potomac, a guide dog in training. Filmmakers were documenting his progress and the training of four other Labradors from Guide Dogs for the Blind, based in San Rafael, California. Potomac, lively and friendly, charmed the Lions, and the club declared […]