Seeing A Way Through

The Taos Lions traditionally screen more than 1,000 students from 17 schools each year in Taos County, New Mexico. But with hybrid schedules and remote learning last year, they couldn’t safely do the usual testing of an entire student body in one day inside a darkened auditorium. Lion Mary Pencin, in her first year as […]

Hi Neighbour

The birds in North Vancouver’s Hamersley Park couldn’t stop tweeting about their new homes. But the 38 hand-painted houses hung by Lynn Valley Lions Eric Miura and Mike Mavius weren’t just for the birds. The Birdhouse Project was part of United Way British Columbia’s “Hi Neighbour” program to encourage community connections, creativity, and smiles during […]

Reaching Across the World

Leos in New Jersey found the perfect service project by reaching out to students in China who need extra practice in the English language skills.

Everybody’s Gone Surfing

Lions in California have been hosting an annual Surfing Clinic for the Blind and Visually Impaired for more than 25 years. And it’s a big hit.

Feel Good Moments

In early May, in the midst of all the interviews, pictures, and meetings that precede the announcement of a new President, VP Doug Alexander walked out of the Dollar Tree, heading across the street to complete his errands, when he found a wallet on the ground. Inside was a woman’s ID and $140 in cash. […]


After years of experience working in search and rescue, Renfrew Lion Bob Boyer in Canada knew first-hand the fear that sets in for families when a loved one goes missing. So, when a caller suggested his club support the nonprofit International Project Lifesaver (IPL), Boyer says, “It lit a fire under me.” Project Lifesaver, founded […]

Sprucing Up Their Part of the Planet

Before the Wisconsin Lions took to the roads, a drive through the green countryside could be interrupted by the sight of spring wildflowers blooming among somebody’s garbage. More than cups and cans tossed carelessly from car windows, were discarded refrigerators and other junk. Out of sight, out of mind? Not for the Independence Lions. For […]

Picture This

The Knowlton Lions were puzzled. After years of promoting community spirit with annual events like a Santa Claus parade and garage sales, the pandemic was forcing them to rethink ways to keep spirits up in their scenic community of Knowlton in southern Quebec, Canada. But they found the answer right in front of them. The […]

Small Desks Make a Big Difference

When the Agawam Lions in Massachusetts authorized funds to build 20 desks for students schooling from home, cautious members wondered if they’d be lucky to give that many away. But even an experienced Lion can under-estimate the power of a good service project. That was Dec. 8, 2020. Three months later, 231 desks have been […]

Power, Peace, and Purpose

As an 11-year-old boy fighting cancer in 1999, Michael Hunt learned many lessons. One has been unforgettable:
“Breathe in the light. Blow out the darkness.” Twenty years later, he is a black belt in Tai Kwon Do who works to help kids learn the power they have inside.