Golden Playdates

A friendly visitor is always a welcome sight for those living in retirement homes. But when tiny visitors are strolled in with their rosy cheeks, infectious smiles and bubbly personalities, the residents know they’re in for a special treat. In Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the Circle of Life program is bringing seniors and babies together […]

Breaking Barriers

In the early 1960s, C.W. McClure, the principal of a school for Black children in Eagle Lake, Texas, was in the five-and-dime buying school supplies for his students when the white store owner approached him. “Do any of your students need glasses?” he asked McClure. “I’m an officer in the local Lions club and if […]

Life Derailed

Home is the place you want to run to, not from. But home may never feel the same for the people of East Palestine, Ohio, who found their quiet small-town life turned upside down in one night of disaster. On the evening of Feb. 3, Stella and Daren Gamble watched from their front porch as […]

Pickleball Pandemonium

If anybody knows how to serve, it’s the Lions. They’ve been acing it for more than 100 years. But serving in pickleball, now that’s a relatively new thing, and Lions who try it are getting stuck on it like syrup on pancakes. Pickleballin’ in the Midwest “Lifelong friendships are made out of this,” Lion Curt […]

Standing at the Edge of a Hunger Cliff

At the FISH Food Pantry in Williamsburg, Virginia, the number of people coming for help in January was greater than it has been in a decade. In February, client numbers doubled that of February ’22. Eggs prices went up 150 percent over that year and groceries, nine to 11 percent. Energy bills remained high, and […]

Little Ambassador Takes Leos Around the World

He’s little. He’s legendary. And he’s a Leo. Well, sort of. Since 2018 Dustin Dumbledore has traveled to Lion and Leo events in at least four countries, received pins from International President Brian Sheehan and Past International President Brian Alexander, joined the Lions International Pin Trading Club in Calgary, ridden front and center in the […]

Gotta Love a Locomotive

When the conductor called “All Aboard!” on the Fourth of July, even Colorado’s Loveland Lions were surprised. More than 880 riders of all ages set a record with tickets to board their replica train in the park that day. The Buckhorn Northern Railroad in Loveland’s North Lake Park is an authentic replica of a steam […]

Gold Rush

More than 100 years ago, Mother Earth supplied so much iron ore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that Ishpeming, Michigan was a boom town. The population was over 13,000, mines employed many, and the economy was robust. They even had an opera house. But over the years, the industry changed, employment and population figures dropped, and […]

Eating Out Again

Isolation is just one of the many challenges faced by dementia patients and their caregivers, and Oviedo-Winter Springs Lion Dennis Dulniak who spent seven years caring for his wife, Nancy, knows that all too well. Although Nancy suffered from Early Onset Alzheimer’s and died in 2021 at age 69, Dulniak is spending his retirement honoring […]

O Pioneers!

In early May 2022, Lion Corinne Masters saw a hint of green in the landscape. Someone else reported seeing a few flowers blooming.  A few farmers near Masters’ family land had cattle grazing. On an ordinary spring day this would not have qualified for conversation among the tight-knit people of north-central Kansas, where the pioneer […]