Lost, Broken, Left behind

It was last summer when thousands of people in Afghanistan left their possessions behind to frantically board planes for safe haven in the U.S.
During the chaos of their departure, many prescription eyeglasses were among those small but vital items that were left behind.

Fore-eezing for a Cause

The Orono Lions Annual Snowball Open is not one of those “weather permitting” events.  It’s more like “weather welcomed.” All about cold hands, hot drinks, and warm Lion hearts.

Rope Tow Breathes New Life into Michigan Town

When Michigan’s Mountain Lions installed a new rope tow, re-opening their Adventure Mountain Ski Hill after a 30-year absence, they tossed a lifeline to their community. Lion President Michael Laakko says the new rope tow is “a vehicle for hope.” And what better time for renewed hope than in a pandemic when families need to […]

Full STEM Ahead

As their coach, he taught them Archimedes’ Principal of buoyancy. As his team, they taught him the importance of breaks for bananas, grapes, and bubblegum when you’ve been hard at work. He taught them how to solder and waterproof motors.
They taught him how to relieve stress with laughter—frequent laughter. He tested them on robotics. They tested his patience.
In the end, what the coach and the kids learned from each other was the importance of working together and sharing pride in their accomplishments.

What It Means To Be A Lion

“Home is not where you live, it’s where you’re understood. And when I got involved with the Lions, I felt home there.” KEVIN WHITLEY, Anchorage Lions Club, Alaska.

The DNA of Lions

Why do Lions become Lions? Is serving in the genes? A look at what makes Lions tick and how a life of service has benefits beyond helping those we serve.

A Wheelie Good Cause

The River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions in South Carolina are proof that good deeds don’t require great skill. Just desire. Lion Rick Thomas, a retired chemical engineer, was an avid cyclist for 20 years and raced with a competitive cycling team. But he never repaired a bike until his wife, Susan, also a Lion, heard the […]

Whales in the Bay

Every year on their Old Newsboys Day, the Michigan Alpena Lions take a day to spread fake news, and people are more than eager to read it. This year’s “Extra Extra” edition of the Alpena News had the scoop on billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk planning to raise all 100 shipwrecks in Michigan’s Thunder […]

“Welcome My Friend”

Camp Ho Mita Koda, the world’s first and oldest operating summer camp for kids with Type 1 diabetes, will soon be welcoming campers year-round, thanks largely to LCIF and the hands-on work and financial support of the Lions in Northeast Ohio. Founded in 1929, the Ohio camp about 25 miles east of Cleveland kicked off […]

Recycling Christmas Cheer

Lion Linda Eckard was working as a controller at a local metal recycling center in 2010 when she had a light-bulb moment. Her club in Hanover, Minn. could recycle all those Christmas lights that were being tossed in the trash. It would be like giving two presents in one. The Lions would be helping to […]