Dimitrios “Mimis” Kalantzopoulos, Past International Director (1993-1995), died in October of 2020. The late Past Director Kalantzopoulos became a member of the Athens Lions Club in 1954 and was one of the founders of Lions clubs in Greece. He was twice appointed provisional district governor, and subsequently the first elected district governor of District 117 Greece-Cyprus. He held many other offices within the association. PID Kalantzopoulos also served in various capacities at several Europa Forums. For more than 35 years he held perfect attendance at club meetings and through his encouragement and support, sponsored many new members. Past Director Kalantzopoulos was recognized for his service to the association with numerous awards including the 100% Club President Award, Senior Builder Key, 11 International President's Awards, and the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest award the association grants to its members. He was also a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow. The late Past Director enjoyed a successful career as a consulting engineer and was a member of many professional and civic organizations. He was well known for his enthusiasm and determination; always ready to help others and lead the way to provide service to those in need.