Gilles M. Melançon, Past International Director (1997-1999) died on October 21, 2022, after a recent decline in health. The late Past Director Melançon became a member of the Repentigny (La Seigneurie) Lions Club in 1964 and held many offices within the association, including district governor and council chairperson. In 1996, he was the senior vice president for the international convention held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was also the Quebec representative for the Lions Club Pan-Canadian Walkathon and served as a GAT area leader several times. In recognition of his service to the association, the late Past Director Melançon received numerous awards, including an International President’s Leadership Award, a 30-, 50- and 55-Year Monarch Chevron, and the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a member by the association. He was also a multi-level Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow and a Life Member, with 35 years of perfect attendance. The late Past Director Melancon had a great interest in the history of Lions in Canada. He served as the historian in his home Multiple District “U” (Quebec) and published a history of our association’s growth in that province since the first club was founded in Montreal. He honored the Canadian Lions Centennial in 2020 by completing a history of Canadian Lions and their contribution to the social fabric of the nation since the first club came into being in what is now Windsor, Ontario in 1920—a legacy for his Lion friends and colleagues: History-of-Lionism-in-Canada. He gave generously of his gifts and talents. In addition to his Lion activities, the late Past Director Melançon was a member of the Repentigny Chamber of Commerce and served his church as warden and parish secretary. He was also the founding president of minor league baseball and co-chairman of the Pioneers of Telephone welfare committee. The late Past Director Melançon enjoyed a successful career in labor relations with the Bell Telephone Company of Canada.