A Smile for Sight

Sight is one of our most valuable senses. It allows us to connect with the moments in life and with each other. After a premature birth, twins Kaya and Alime were both diagnosed with an eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity, and they needed treatment to protect their sight and prevent blindness. Their parents, Ibrahim […]

Wishing Big for Childhood Cancer Patients

When Finley Holland was eight months old, a doctor discovered a tumor in her cheek. Her parents, Lions Tony and Stacy, began the grim routine so many families face when their children are sick. Appointment after appointment, they struggled to keep Finley entertained and distracted before an uncomfortable procedure or needle prink. They found games […]

More than a memory: ‘Mayfield strong’

On an abnormally warm December night in the United States, a series of devastating tornadoes whipped through dozens of communities in the states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana. The tornadoes ripped through homes and businesses, pulled powerlines straight from the ground, and spread debris miles around—leaving destruction in their wake. “It looked […]

The World Needs Lions

Changing the world. It’s why the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)—a global foundation—empowered service through its most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. June 30, 2022, officially marked the end of Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service. Thanks to support from Lions, Leos, partners, and other donor support, Campaign 100 is completed and Lions and Leos […]

Two Decades of Helping the World See Clearly

Five-year-old Breisy struggled to recognize letters and objects at school. Thanks to support from the Sight For Kids program, a program co-founded by the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and Johnson & Johnson Vision, Breisy enjoys a new pair of glasses and—now—she finally sees clearly. Maria, Breisy’s mother, described her daughter’s free vision screening and […]

2020-2021 Annual Report

Thirty years ago, I was helping my husband create materials to promote Lions Clubs International Foundation’s first fundraising campaign, SightFirst. It was during this time that I realized I wanted to be part of Lions; part of something bigger and on an international scale. It is my honor to serve alongside my fellow Lions. Now, […]

Providing compassionate care and comfort at the end of life

Imagine someone you love is very sick and needs a comfortable space to feel cared for and manage his or her pain at the end of life. Hospice care helps loved ones when treatment can no longer cure or control a disease. An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers work to […]

Trustee Oswal dedicates life to serving from the heart

More than 30 years ago, Trustee Aruna Abhey Oswal joined her local Lions club in Mumbai, India. As a humanitarian and changemaker, she wanted to expand her service globally to help create a better world and empower others. Early on, Trustee Oswal established herself as a trailblazer within the Lions Clubs by becoming the first […]

Rebuilding Communities in Kerala After Devastating Floods

The people of Kerala, India are accustomed to wet seasons, but 2018’s monsoons brought catastrophic rains and the worst flooding in 100 years. Rising water rushed through communities, destroying everything in its path, including the peaceful way of life for more than one million people. Roads collapsed under the weight of the water, coconut trees […]

A World In Need

As we approach June 30, the end of historic Campaign 100, I invite you to read and reflect on ways in which Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), our global foundation, has magnified your service, my service, and the service of Lions and Leos worldwide.