Partnerships with Purpose

“When you remove a cataract, people who have not seen their children in years, suddenly see them. It is amazing to witness,” Past District Governor Sedrace Rwekikiya shared, while standing under the thick shade of the tree canopy just outside St. Francis Nsambya Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. As she continued to speak about the incredible […]

A Second Home

For many students in Brazil, the school for the deaf in Medianeira has become synonymous with hope. And they are willing to travel across their vast country to be in a place that feels, as one student put it, like their “second home.” Unfortunately, people with deafness and other hearing disabilities often struggle to access […]

Helping Youth in Ecuador

In Quito, Ecuador, Lions Clubs International Foundation’s Lions Quest program helps provide a sense of community and belonging to youth at the Colegio Aleman Quito school. Implemented in 110 countries, Lions Quest offers a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevention in schools, and helps teachers develop the skills to prevent risky behaviors in children while […]

The Power of Sustainability

Enel North America embarked on a new environmental partnership with Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) to help make communities healthy and sustainable and protect our planet. As a leading developer and long-term owner and operator of renewable energy projects in North America, Enel and its more than 1,500 employees are dedicated to helping protect and […]

Helping Provide Safety and Education to Girls in Kenya

Located in a remote area of Kenya, the Ilkeek Aare Primary and Boarding School serves the semi-nomadic Maasai children in the region. As the lifestyle of these children’s families required perpetual moving around following the grazing grounds of their cattle, many of the Maasai children previously did not graduate from school. Thanks to a LCIF […]

Kindness is Contagious

In Indonesia, more than 19 million people between the ages of 20 to 70 live with diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation. More than 70 percent of those people are undiagnosed. Some of the consequences for living with undiagnosed and unmanaged diabetes include blindness, kidney failure, amputations, nerve damage, and heart disease. Lions across […]

A Smile for Sight

Sight is one of our most valuable senses. It allows us to connect with the moments in life and with each other. After a premature birth, twins Kaya and Alime were both diagnosed with an eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity, and they needed treatment to protect their sight and prevent blindness. Their parents, Ibrahim […]

Wishing Big for Childhood Cancer Patients

When Finley Holland was eight months old, a doctor discovered a tumor in her cheek. Her parents, Lions Tony and Stacy, began the grim routine so many families face when their children are sick. Appointment after appointment, they struggled to keep Finley entertained and distracted before an uncomfortable procedure or needle prink. They found games […]

More than a memory: ‘Mayfield strong’

On an abnormally warm December night in the United States, a series of devastating tornadoes whipped through dozens of communities in the states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana. The tornadoes ripped through homes and businesses, pulled powerlines straight from the ground, and spread debris miles around—leaving destruction in their wake. “It looked […]

The World Needs Lions

Changing the world. It’s why the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)—a global foundation—empowered service through its most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. June 30, 2022, officially marked the end of Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service. Thanks to support from Lions, Leos, partners, and other donor support, Campaign 100 is completed and Lions and Leos […]