Waiting for the Shot

Bob Mead-Colegrove was a nervous wreck. A new hockey dad, Bob had signed up to play music for his son Andrew’s hockey game. Andrew was playing goalie for Team USA against Team Canada and, at 16, he was the youngest person on the team. Bob settled in next to the people running the scoreboards, who […]

Play with Me

Elias Mastoras couldn’t believe that he hadn’t seen the need to help young children who are blind play soccer. For years, Mastoras has helped make blind soccer popular across the world. Mastoras, a youth soccer trainer, became a referee for adult blind soccer games in 1999. He worked as a Paralympics referee in 2004 during […]

‘Love at first sight’

When PDG Ana Maria Silva walked through the Acosta Ñú Pediatric General Hospital’s cancer ward and saw children receiving chemotherapy, she felt a lump in her throat. Silva and her fellow Lions had brought the children toys to celebrate Los Reyes Magos, a South American holiday, playing a role similar to Santa Claus. The space was very small and there was little separation between the children. “Even with the toys, the children looked heartbroken,” Silva says.