What It Means To Be A Lion

“Home is not where you live, it’s where you’re understood. And when I got involved with the Lions, I felt home there.” KEVIN WHITLEY, Anchorage Lions Club, Alaska.

The DNA of Lions

Why do Lions become Lions? Is serving in the genes? A look at what makes Lions tick and how a life of service has benefits beyond helping those we serve.

Reaching Rural Communities Fighting COVID-19

Lions in Karoi, Zimbabwe, fight to save their community from the spread of COVID-19 by traveling deep into rural areas to deliver vaccines. “Our desire is to reach herd immunity in our little town,” says Lion Chipo Green.

Managing Mangroves

The Paramaribo Central Lions Club is one of the 2021 Kindness Matters Service Award winners. Read more stories and check out a list of all the winners here. Perched atop the Northern coast of South America, Suriname is the smallest country on the continent, yet the Lions there have taken on a big role in […]

Cooking Up Kindness

The Fraser Valley Lions Club is one of the 2021 Kindness Matters Service Award winners. Read more stories and check out a list of all the winners here. If you’re looking for majestic mountains, grand rivers, and lush valleys, Grand County, Colorado will not disappoint. Home of the Fraser Valley Lions Club, the natural beauty that […]

Canned Goods Make Great Sculptures

The New Jersey Visionary Cyber Leo Club had a vision to bring together like-minded local organizations to achieve the goal of providing nutritious food for all members of their community – all while encouraging young people in the visual arts.

Flags and Flowers

Nearly six years ago 10-year-old Preston Sharp visited his Navy grandfather’s grave on Veteran’s Day. He was disappointed to see no one was honoring the vets on their special day. He decided to change that.

Stepping Up During Shutdown

At-risk youth entered dangerous, uncharted territory when the world went into lockdown in the spring of 2020. Luckily, the Orilla Lions in Ontario, Canada, had their backs.

Calling All Senior Citizens

When the small community of Barkhamsted, Connecticut, got their first stock of vaccinations for their residents age 75 and over, Town Selectman (mayor) Don Stein knew seniors would need help navigating the online portal required to register for their shots. And he knew just who to turn to. Litchfield County is a rural hamlet in […]

Thriving In The Digital Ecosystem

Scientists are still unsure when, or how exactly, animals took flight. They do know it happened four separate times: in insects, bats, birds, and pterosaurs. Whether gliding from treetops or jumping from the ground, at some point in history animals began flapping their arms. And eventually, they flew.