Calling All Senior Citizens

When the small community of Barkhamsted, Connecticut, got their first stock of vaccinations for their residents age 75 and over, Town Selectman (mayor) Don Stein knew seniors would need help navigating the online portal required to register for their shots. And he knew just who to turn to. Litchfield County is a rural hamlet in […]

The Psychology of Helping

When a photo appeared in September 2015 of a three-year old Syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach Europe with his family, the world seemed to momentarily open its eyes to a refugee crisis that had been quietly building for years. The boy’s name was Alan Kurdi, and in the wake of his death […]

The World According to Sound

This one-hour live show puts the listener in the dark Have you ever heard the hum of a giraffe? Did you even know they make sounds? Until recently, scientists didn’t either. It was assumed that their 13-foot long necks were too long to produce sufficient air flow to vibrate their vocal chords and produce noise. […]

Thriving In The Digital Ecosystem

Scientists are still unsure when, or how exactly, animals took flight. They do know it happened four separate times: in insects, bats, birds, and pterosaurs. Whether gliding from treetops or jumping from the ground, at some point in history animals began flapping their arms. And eventually, they flew.

Your Best Lion Year Ever

2020 – 2021 Being a Lion isn’t only about serving; it’s also about having fun. With new clubs popping up, and old clubs taking a new look at how they Lion, there are all kinds of ways to design a fun and productive year of service. Here’s your guide to your best Lion year ever. […]

Kindness Mattered To The Man In The Bow Tie

A tribute to International First Vice President Judge Haynes Townsend In the fall of 2019, the video team at Lions Clubs International headquarters sat down with First Vice President Judge Haynes Townsend to begin capturing footage for his presidential videos. We interviewed the Judge, his family, and those who knew him well. On December 17, […]

Horse Power

For Lion Diane Besson, saving an old horse was just the beginning It was 2018 and Diane Besson was off to Muskego, Wisconsin, to pick up her eggs from the local CSA (community-sponsored agriculture) she’d joined. As she pulled up to the farm, she noticed a couple of tiny horses in a nearby pen. The […]

Mending the Social Fabric

When neighborhoods determine who is healthy and who is sick What makes us who we are? Beyond the genes that code for our eye color and skin tone, what determines all the nuances that make us…us? Are we strong because we inherited our grandmother’s sturdy build, or is it because we go to the neighborhood […]

Keeping Troubled Kids in the Classroom

It was a Tuesday and Jack*, a student at Sycamore Elementary School in Redding, California wasn’t in his classroom. He was clinging upside down to a gate outside the principal’s office, crying and screaming. Jack had been in and out of numerous schools in his short life, but each one had dismissed him because of […]

A Duty to Give Back

International President Dr. Jung-Yul Choi reveals a life that shaped him to serve. A man becomes a Lion When International President Dr. Jung-Yul Choi was a young businessman, he helped a milk boy who had spilled his day’s deliveries. The boy asked how he would pay Dr. Choi back. “You don’t need to pay me […]