It’s been a while since we all got together. And judging from the enthusiasm at the 104th International Convention in Montreal, boy did we miss it.

While the COVID-19 pandemic changed how Lions do service, it hasn’t changed how much we enjoy doing it. The bright smiles, big hugs, and displays of club pride showed off just how good volunteering can make you look and feel.

Take a look at some memorable moments below or relive the show here.

Lions Club International President Sheehan
Inducting the new International President is an important moment and marks the beginning of a new Lion year. With the passing of the “torch” from International President Doug Alexander to Brian Sheehan, Lions we introduced to IP Sheehan’s priorities for the new year, including his overall theme, “Together We Can.”
Lions members shopping the club supplies store
02. Shopping the Lions store. You can’t leave without the ultimate Lions souvenir!
Lion asking for help on his phone.
03. Getting help in the Tech Zone, where staff from Lions Clubs International Headquarters are there to answer all your tech-related questions.
Lions looking into camera and shouting in excitement
04. Getting pumped for plenary sessions! Lions brought their A-game and an abundance of energy to Montreal.
Lions play hockey game
05. Goal! Setting—a reaching—your goals is what the folks at the Global Action Team (GAT) are all about. Lions were able to mingle with members of the GAT while taking a shot at their goal.
Leos play Jenga
06. Young Lions got to know each other through games and fun activities designed to get you thinking and working as a team.
Fog machine and penguins on Lions stage
07. Rock concert? Nope. Just a typical day at LCICon.
A volunteer takes a nap near a window
08. Sometimes a little nap is needed.
Lions of all kinds stand in front of Montreal banner
09. Come one, come all, to Montreal. No matter where they came from, Lions were thrilled to be in one place this year.


Keynote speaker
10. Former child soldier and advocate for international peace Michel Chikwanine gave the keynote address.


Lions work on making a fleece blanket
11. Yes, they’re at convention, but no, they will not stop serving. Lions had several opportunities to serve while attending convention, including making fleece blankets and filling food bags for those in need.


Lions hold up completed fleece blanket


Woman in brightly colored skirt
12. The International Parade was back and it was better than ever.








12 CAPTION 092022 international parade--Lions jumping in air

Celebrating campaign 100
13. Lions celebrated accomplishing a huge goal. Over the course of Campaign 100, more than US$300 million was raised to support LCIF. LCIF is making a difference because of you. Whether you were here to celebrate in person or not, we thank you for your support.