Together We Are Team Lions

Lions Club International President Brian Sheehan

Hello, Lions!

Boy, am I excited to be addressing you for the first time as your new International President. If you know me, you know I like making everything just a little bit fun. And if you don’t know me, well, I hope you will come to know and love my approach to service—which is to do everything with a whole lot of energy and a smile.

People say I have a lot of energy, and they’re right. And you know what, I intend on using every bit of it to lift you up and cheer you on this year. I know Lions have a lot of energy, too, and I know that together we can make big changes.

One person may look at all that needs to be done in this world and feel overwhelmed. But when you are a Lion, you are never just one person. You have a whole team of Lions behind you!

I want you to know that throughout my year as your president—and beyond—I will always be on your team. I will always be here to cheer you on. So I say, Let’s be each other’s biggest fans. Let’s make it clear that when Lions put their energy into a project, they do it with a world of support behind them. We are one team—Team Lions.

You want to make big changes, you say?  So do I. And together we can.

Yours in service,

Lions Clubs International President Sheehan



Brian E. Sheehan

International President, Lions Clubs International


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