A Fresh Face to Lead Arizona Lions

Isabel Ticlo, who was crowned Miss Arizona in 2018, has added a new title to her name: President. She has taken over the reins of the Chandler Lions Club in Chandler, Arizona.

The long-time Lion has been volunteering with the club since she was a Leo in high school. “It was like hanging out with friends for a good cause,” she says.

She has since graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and minors in communications and dance from Arizona State University and works in marketing while she pursues a master’s degree in business administration.

With all her free time, she now steers the active Chandler club. With 49 members, the club has a number of projects they run throughout the year, but Ticlo’s passion is for helping people with vision impairment.

“It’s something that we don’t think about every day because most of us are born with our sight,” she told the SanTan Sun News. “I’ve met so many people who lost their vision later in life. Adapting to that is terrifying, it’s frustrating. The solutions we can provide; whether they’re prevention solutions or adaptive ones, it helps to lessen that pain.”

Some of Chandler’s goals for her year as president are to reestablish a Leo-to-Lion connection through one-on-one mentoring, get more hands-on volunteering opportunities for members, and promote the iconic Chandler Lions event, “Blinded by DeLight,” in which community members experience what it’s like to go through everyday activities with no sight.

“Her youth and enthusiasm will help to bring more youth into our aging Lions organization,” former club president Ruth Jon Wick told the SunTan Sun News.

Club members are delighted, indeed.

Miss Arizona 2018 and Chandler Lions Club President, Isabel Ticlo, (Left) volunteers alongside her sister, Tiffany, who is president of the Hamilton High School Leo Club.