Dr. Jung Yui ChoiDear Fellow Humanitarian,

As we approach June 30, the end of historic Campaign 100, I invite you to read and reflect on ways in which Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), our global foundation, has magnified your service, my service, and the service of Lions and Leos worldwide.

As a community leader, you know the service of every member of our association, current and future, depends on ongoing financial support of LCIF. Thank you for embracing the notion that service means both doing and giving. Serving with our hands, embracing diversity, and giving to LCIF are what being Lions and Leos is about.

I hope stories of service impact on these pages, made possible by generous support of, and by, LCIF and our campaign, inspire you to participate more fully and to encourage others to join you in supporting Campaign 100. As you know, abundant limited-edition recognition awaits!

Even more, I hope you will realize the importance of ongoing support of the foundation to ensure LCIF can continue empowering each of us to do more than would be possible without grant funding.


Dr. Jung-Yul Choi


Lions Clubs International Foundation


Did You Know?

  • 2.2 billion people have vision impairment or blindness
  • Nearly one-third of young teens worldwide have recently experienced bullying
  • Weather-related disasters have grown more than 50% over the last 40 years
  • Each day, 300 people die from measles
  • 1 in 11 people has diabetes
  • 300,000 children aged 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer each year
  • ~1 in 9 people lacks enough food to be healthy and active
  • By 2025, half the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas

The world needs Lions.


LCIF magnifying your impact

Preserving the Precious Gift of Sight

Delivering a Brighter Future to Paraguay

Not long ago, eye care was inaccessible, and often unaffordable, to many in Paraguay’s rural Itapa community. In 2018, Lions began changing that, helping fund and bring to fruition Lions Club of Coronel Bogado Ophthalmology Clinic (LCCBOC). With US$62,700+ in LCIF grant funding, Lions equipped LCCBOC, making more extensive, permanent care accessible close to home. Today, the clinic has modern equipment for diagnosing refractive errors, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and pediatric eye diseases. The new machines and technology are helping LCCBOC increase patient capacity 30 percent annually over 60 months, to more than 3,400 consultations a year. Patients needing treatment beyond LCCBOC’s capability are referred to a clinic in Asuncin, several hours away by car, with Lions funding transportation and care for those unable to pay.

Clear Vision for Years to Come

When a friend mentioned a clinic offering free vision screenings and affordable eyeglasses, 65-year old Francois – who couldn’t see clearly beyond 10 inches (25 cm) – hopped aboard his motorbike traveling 29 miles (45 km) to the clinic. For obvious reasons, the trip was treacherous, but Francois was desperate and knew the risks would be worth the reward. Bringing that life changing clinic to fruition were LCIF and Lions in Burkina Faso, who used nearly US$111,000 in LCIF SightFirst grant funds to work with local partners to build optical clinics in areas of the country where eye care was unavailable or unaffordable. The project, which began in 2018, will screen vision for 124,000 people and distribute 26,400 pairs of eyeglasses. Francois’ outcome? His first pair of eyeglasses, purchased for 5,000 CFA (just US$10). “I can see everything perfectly,” exclaimed Francois, whose trip home on his motorbike was a far safer journey.

Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Future for Youth

Building Better School Environments and Communities

In Merrick, New York, USA, students and teachers feel the positive effects of Lions Quest, LCIF’s social and emotional learning curriculum. Launched district-wide, Lions Quest is helping students develop confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork skills, while fostering a sense of community, through ongoing fun, team-oriented lessons and discussions. Second-graders at Chatterton School enjoyed a lesson that required them to work together toward a common goal and then discussed what worked and what did not. In addition to benefitting students, Lions Quest is also positively affecting the community. Students at Birch School raised close to US$3,200 for childhood cancer research after participating in the program’s service-learning lessons.

Helping Struggling Families Cope with Childhood Cancer

Lions recognize that families affected by childhood cancer bear the weight of long hours spent enduring treatment, and feelings of helplessness and uncertainty about the future. With support from LCIF, compassionate and caring Lions worldwide are helping ease the burden.

In Utrecht, Netherlands, a US$150,000 Childhood Cancer grant from the Foundation is helping Lions upgrade 87 patient rooms at Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. An anticipated 4,350 families will benefit annually from the rooms, which enable parents, siblings, and caregivers to stay with children undergoing treatment.

A US$32,000+ LCIF Childhood Cancer grant awarded to Lions in Kerala, India, is delivering joy to children stricken with a disease no youngster should have to bear. Grant funds are helping Lions establish a children’s library, a conference hall for youngsters, and a small theater to enhance quality of life for more than 60 children each year at Malabar Cancer Centre.

There When Disaster Strikes

Rebuilding the Future in Southeast Africa

Pummeling Southeast Africa’s coast, Cyclone Idai delivered a devastating blow in 2019. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi all suffered the storm’s wrath and sustained unprecedented damage and devastation. Nearly 1,100 people perished; hundreds of thousands more were left homeless.

With more than three million people in desperate need, LCIF responded swiftly, sending 200 tents providing much needed shelter and 700 water purifiers, vital to stemming the cholera outbreak that had begun. But there was more to be done. With a focus on restoring children’s education and everyday lives, Lions used US$70,000 in LCIF Disaster grants to help rebuild three schools and repair damaged classrooms in so many more. Steadily, once-obliterated schools rose from the ground.

Steadily, classrooms rendered uninhabitable became safe once again.

Providing Rapid Relief to Haiti

Last August, a massive earthquake struck the island of Haiti. Two thousand one hundred people lost their lives, more than 12,000 were injured, and 53,000 homes were destroyed. Days later the country was hit hard again, this time by a strong tropical storm affecting relief efforts, which were already difficult due to COVID-19.

Responding quickly, LCIF awarded a US$100,000 Major Catastrophe grant. With the funds, Lions provided immediate support for victims, including more than 1,900 food kits and 11,000 water bottles delivered to families across 33 underserved rural areas in South Haiti, Grand ‘Anse, and Nippes.


Responding to COVID-19

Since March 2020, LCIF has awarded US$6.8 million through 385 grants for COVID-19 relief.

Our decade began like no other, with healthcare systems stressed, economies halted, and more than a billion people worldwide staying home, staying safe. Answering the urgent call was LCIF, funding your efforts to serve your neighbors while also staying safe. Through special COVID-19 grants, as well as District and Club Community Impact grants, LCIF empowered our kindness, compassion, and service as we delivered protection and relief during some of the world’s darkest hours.


A Message from Your Campaign 100 Leadership

Be Recognized as a Leader

Lions and Leos:

We hope you’re enjoying reading more about the many ways LCIF – our global foundation – empowers our service through grants. To award these grants, LCIF must have funding. That’s why Campaign 100 continues through June. We’re grateful generous humanitarians like you continue supporting LCIF. Because of you, we’re moving closer to Campaign 100’s goal of raising US$300 million. But we need participation from all Lions, Leos – and clubs – worldwide. We also remind you that with just six months left in our historic campaign, time is running out to earn limited-edition Campaign 100 recognition! Read on to learn more about how you can continue helping LCIF magnify your service impact.

With gratitude,

PIP Yamada Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada
Past International President
Chairperson, Campaign 100




PIP MooreJ. Frank Moore III
Past International President
Vice Chairperson, Campaign 100




Your Club Can Empower Humanitarian Service

There are many ways you and your club can empower life-changing service through support of LCIF and Campaign 100.

Individual Giving

“For those who have already invested in Campaign 100 and your future service, thank you for giving – and for your ongoing financial support. If you have not yet donated, there’s no time like the present! No gift is too small.” These words from a recent address by Campaign Vice Chairperson Past International President Frank Moore hold true today, through the end of our campaign, and beyond.

LCIF is grateful for every gift and also pleased to offer the Lions of Commitment and Empowerment program, which celebrates humanitarians whose donations to LCIF and Campaign 100 are between US$3,000 – $24,999. Lions of Commitment (US$3,000 – $14,999) and Lions of Empowerment (US$15,000 – $24,999) receive a special recognition plaque and pin.

Club Giving

Fortunately, there are many ways your club can show their support.

  • MODEL CLUB – A Campaign 100 Model Club champions LCIF’s cause areas and broadly promotes Lions, LCIF, and Campaign 100. Deadline extended! Clubs committing to the Model Club effort between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, now have three years from the date of commitment to reach Model Club goals and earn limited-edition recognition. Model Club resources: lionsclubs.org/modelclubs
  • 100% MEMBER PARTICIPATION – Invite fellow members to make personal donations. It’s one of the easiest ways you can help raise funds for LCIF and Campaign 100.
  • 100 I 100 CLUBS – Earn special recognition by becoming a 100 I 100 Club, a club in which 100% of members give at least US$100 per Lion year.

Celebrating Partnerships, Magnifying Impact

Just as the Foundation enhances Lions’ service, valued partners and affiliates increase the Foundation’s ability to give, so Lions can serve even more people across the globe. LCIF proudly marks two decades of partnership with two of these world-renowned organizations.

LCIF and Special Olympics

In July 2021, LCIF and Special Olympics launched a 12-month celebration of their 20-year partnership. Alongside the service of more than 22,000 Lions and Leos volunteering their time to Special Olympics, LCIF and Special Olympics have helped hundreds of thousands of people with intellectual disabilities, and their families, benefit from activities delivered through the Opening Eyes program, Family Health Forums, Healthy Hearing, Special Smiles, and inclusive sports.

Learn more about their stories at: lcifpride.org

LCIF and Johnson & Johnson Vision

In 2022, LCIF and Johnson & Johnson Vision celebrate 20 years of partnership that has resulted in the largest school-based eyeLCIF JohnsonJohnson WEB health program known as Sight For Kids. The program prepares Lions and eye care professionals to provide comprehensive eye health services in low-income schools in four Asian, African, and European countries – most recently expanding the program to the United States in South Florida. Sight For Kids also provides teachers with training to deliver eye health education, perform visual acuity testing, and screen for common eye conditions. To date, more than 42 million children have been screened. Students identified with potential vision impairment or eye ailments are referred to healthcare providers for evaluation.

Learn more at: lionsclubs.org/SFK


LCIF: Stewarding Donations Responsibly

Financial transparency is one of the most important assurances a charity can provide current and prospective donors. LCIF is committed to you and other donors, integral to making Lions and Leos life-changing, often life-saving, service possible.

LCIF stewards donor funds with a focus on transparency, governance, leadership, and results.

Give Confidently

If you are in the US you can donate directly at lionsclubs.org/donate.

Or visit lionsclubs.org/waystogive for other ways to give.

Our 100% Commitment to Donors

You deserve to invest with confidence in a charitable organization committed to operational excellence, and LCIF is proud to share how financial contributions are allocated. Our belief is that in building trust, we build relationships yielding long-term benefit for both donors and millions of beneficiaries of your service.

Our 100% Commitment to donors is this:

LCIF allocates 100% of your financial gift to grants and program expenses.

Like all charitable organizations, LCIF incurs three categories of expenses: programs, administrative, and fundraising expenses. Unlike most charities, LCIF covers 100% of administrative and fundraising expenses over the long term through investment income.

Learn More

Before choosing to help magnify the impact of 1.4 million Lions serving to address our world in need, LCIF encourages you to learn more about its commitment to donors to operate ethically, responsibly, and prudently.

Access resources below, and then invest with confidence.

LCIF FAQ: lionsclubs.org/LCIF-FAQ

LCIF Responsibility and Privacy: lionsclubs.org/Responsibility

Why I Give

“My support of Campaign 100 and LCIF directly impacts Lions’ ability to serve. I give so children, families, and communities can be stronger, healthier, and safer.”

– Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada / Past International President, Campaign 100 Chairperson

“We know firsthand the great work of LCIF, which provided a grant in 1990 for a low-vision center we helped launch. Our area benefitted from one of LCIF’s earliest Disaster Relief grants and recently from a US$100,000 grant to help establish a hospice house. Over the years, we have personally worked with many dedicated LCIF staff who make wonderful programs and projects possible, successful, and worthy of LCIF financial support. Staff partnership, carried out in such a professional manner, assures us funds are utilized effectively and efficiently. We proudly support LCIF.”

– Dr. Edward V. Cordes and Lion Gail Cordes, Past International Director

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