Children Express Love, Peace, and Harmony through Art

Every year the love for the Menlo Park Lions’ Valentine’s Day activity grows.

This year, for the fifth February in a row, the Lions in New Jersey are hosting their Love, Peace and Harmony art contest, giving young artists the chance to show their skills and express their support for love and peace.

More than 100 children between the ages of 3 and 16 put their ideas and talents to paper last year, says club president Prashant Karnik.

Children are organized by age groups in different classrooms at the Little Big Ones School. There is a category for special needs children, and all of the artwork is done on site and in one hour.

After one hour, the artwork is handed over to a panel of local artists who serve as judges.

“Parents were so happy to see their kid’s creativity,” says charter member Varsha Naik who initiated the program. “And the mayor of our township was very happy to see the Menlo Park Lions Club’s initiative.

“Every year the contest is conducted in the month of February so kids can understand love within and around them, how it leads to peace, and how the outcome of this is harmony itself, which can change the world.”

Parents and children ages 11 to 13 are also encouraged to participate in LCI’s annual peace poster competition, and Menlo Park Lions set a goal to increase the number of budding artists every year.