Executive Summary – Jan 2020


Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

October 9-12, 2019


  1. Confirmed the decision of the majority of the conciliators in the district dispute resolution complaint filed by Al Rehab Lions Club, affirmed the international director endorsement of Past District Governor Ahmed Salem issued during the District 352 convention held in May 2019.
  2. Declared that former member Byung-Gi Kim not be eligible for future membership in Lionism and that he not be recognized in the future as a Lion or as a past international director.
  3. Revised the International Officer and Vice District Governor Election Complaints Procedure in Chapter XXV of the Board Policy Manual to clarify that elections for international third vice president and international director are elections for their district or multiple district endorsement and not for office.
  4. Revised Chapter VI, Paragraph B.1. of the Board Policy Manual to make it consistent with previously adopted changes.
  5. Drafted a resolution to be reported to the 2020 International Convention to amend Article II, Section 6 of the International By-Laws to reflect the current practice of voting over three days of convention.
  6. Drafted a resolution to be reported to the 2020 International Convention to amend Article IX, Section 6(e) of the International By-Laws to remove voting rights from appointed district cabinet positions during special meetings to fill a vacancy for a district governor, and to require a 15 day notice be provided to all qualified attendees.
  7. Drafted a resolution to be reported to the 2020 International Convention to amend Article XII, Section 2(a) of the International By-Laws to increase annual dues by $3.00, effective July 1, 2021 and to allow for an annual adjustment for U.S. inflation to be applied to the previous year’s semi-annual dues, effective July 1, 2022.


  1. Established per diem allowances for appointed Credentials Committee members serving without other reimbursement, District Governors-elect and District Governors-elect Faculty and headquarters staff attending the 2020 Singapore convention.
  2. Revised the 2020 Singapore Convention schedule.
  3. Increased the hotel night reimbursement for District Governors- elect at convention.
  4. Amended policy to eight (8) geographical areas where applicable.


  1. Recognized the Republic of Iraq as an undistricted country and appointed Past Zone Chairperson Amine Hacha to serve as Coordinating Lion for this country for the remaining months of this fiscal year.
  2. Appointed International Director Rodolfo Espinal to serve as Coordinating Lion for the Republic of Haiti for the remaining months of this fiscal year.
  3. Approved the redistricting proposal submitted by District 315- A2 (Bangladesh) to
  4. Amended the District Governor Reimbursement Policy to allow the district governor to make multiple club visits as needed within the allocated budget.
  5. Requested the Constitution and By-Laws committee draft an amendment to the International By-Laws to be voted on at the 2020 International Convention to remove voting rights from appointed district cabinet positions during special meetings to fill a vacancy for a district governor and to require a 15 day notice be provided to all qualified attendees
  6. Amended the Standard District By-Laws to limit voting during special meetings called for the filling of a vacancy in the position of vice district governor to the district governor, remaining vice district governors, past district governors, past international directors and past international presidents and to require a 15 day notice of the meeting to these positions.


  1. Approved the fiscal year 2019-2020 1st Quarter Forecast, reflecting a deficit.
  2. Requested the Constitution & By-Laws Committee draft an amendment to the International By-Laws to be voted on at the 2020 International Convention related to international dues.
  3. Amended the Investment Policy Statement for the International Association of Lions Clubs 401(k).
  4. Revised Chapter II of the Board Policy manual related to the conflict of interest policy for clarification.
  5. Revised Chapter V of the Board Policy manual related to
    modified protective status of clubs to provide additional clarification.
  6. Revised Chapter XI of the Board Policy manual to align with current association practices and associated housekeeping revisions.
  7. Revised Chapter XXIII of the Board Policy manual to incorporate Africa as Constitutional Area VIII.
  8. Revised the Executive Officer Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy.
  9. Revised the signature authorization level matrix of the purchasing policy.


  1. Approved a proposal to finalize the annual institute schedule for 2020-2021 four months earlier than the previous year so that the institute schedule can be released by April 2020 and institute applications by May 1, 2020.
  2. Confirmed the phased launch of the new Learn application within the LCI digital ecosystem, which includes the new GAT-GLT reporting tool and the Lions Learning Center, with the goal for the application to be available to all Lions/Leos members in January 2020.
  3. Approved a proposal for future curriculum revisions to the leadership development pathway for all leadership levels over the next four years.


  1. The committee learned that a staff team has been created to begin the discovery phase on the role of the district governor project.
  2. The committee reviewed a draft charter for the LCI Forward Project Team and appointed members to the team.
  3. Adopted a resolution that the Ad Hoc Committee on Board Representation, which was previously approved for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, be revoked and that a new Ad Hoc Committee on Board Representation not be further considered until 2023-2024.


  1. Revised Chapter XIX, Paragraph A., B., C., and D. of the Board Policy Manual to update deprecated language and clarify Marketing Division priorities. In general, updates made to this chapter reflect the move to deliver more media and content through digital means.
  2. Revised Chapter XIX, Paragraph F. of the Board Policy Manual to increase the number of Presidential and Leadership awards for recognition relating to Campaign 100. The number of Presidential Medals will increase by 200 (for a total of 1825) and Leadership Medals will increase by 200 (for a total of 1980) for Lions’ years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. After year 2020-2021, the number of Leadership Medals and Presidential Medals will automatically revert to the previously available amounts.
  3. Revised Chapter XIX, Official Protocol, of the Board Policy Manual be amended to clarify the description in the opening paragraph. The change replaces the word “precedent” with the word “precedence”.
  4. Revised language related to LION magazine to allow meetings of the LION international editors to be set at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. As a result, Chapter II, Paragraph J.1.c.(7) of the Board Policy Manual was amended by deleting the phrase “every year” and replacing it with the phrase “when the Editor-in-Chief of LION Magazine determines it is needed”.
  5. Approved PR Grants for Multiple District 3231, Multiple District J, Multiple District LD, Multiple District H, Multiple District 103, Single District 50.
  6. Adjusted PR Grants criteria to allow for applications from sub-districts, provisional zones and regions–in addition to multiple districts and single districts–in the future. Official changes will be made to application forms for the 2020-2021 Lions’ year. Provisional granting of applications will be entertained in the 2019-2020 year as received and approved by the Marketing Communications Committee.
  7. Discussed the exploration of sponsorship opportunities as part of Convention Committee and Marketing Communication Committee conversations. Discussed exploration and development of prospectus as part of the initiative, with the goal to report back to the committees at the next board meeting.


  1. Extended the maximum age of the Leo-Lion membership type and all of its associated benefits from age 30 to age 35 and amended provisions in the board policy manual mentioning the maximum age of Leo-Lions to age 35.
  2. Approved the proposal from Multiple District 104 to create the Lions Club of Norway, a special virtual club, for a pilot program to be evaluated at the October/November 2022 board meeting.
  3. Approved eight (8) Lions and eight (8) Leos as part of the Leo Clubs Advisory Panel for July 2020-June 2022 term, along with seven (7) alternate Lions and eight (8) alternate Leos.
  4. Amended the criteria for Specialty Club Coordinators to claim reimbursement until the pilot program’s end in June
  5. Previously, the criteria was to charter three specialty clubs AND recruit 100 new members for a maximum up to US$2,000. The new criteria includes reimbursement of a maximum up to US$1,000 for chartering two new specialty clubs.
  6. Required the approval of a District Governor when adding more than 30+ new members at a time in an existing club.
  7. Modified language in Chapter XXIV to reflect a change to GAT multiple district coordinator terms from a three-year to a one-year term effective July 1, 2020.


  1. Approved a new logo and brand identity for Lions Clubs International’s Strides diabetes awareness program.
  2. Revised Chapter XIII, Paragraph D.4. of the Board Policy Manual in order to better align it with LCI’s current international relations practices.
  3. Discussed the importance of club service reporting, and plans to increase it in the coming year.
  4. Reviewed plans to celebrate World Diabetes Day by screening 1 million people for type 2 diabetes, in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation.
  5. Received an update on many current and anticipated programs, including type 2 diabetes screening, diabetes mini grants, strides, diabetes camps and support groups, and Lions Eye Banks.


  1. GDPR was discussed at length and the committee recognized the continued importance of member privacy.
  2. The committee received an update on existing products and roadmaps and met with the Convention, District and Club Service, Leadership Development, Marketing Communications, Membership Development, and Service Activities Committees.
  3. The committee reviewed uses of technology - especially in the area of natural language processing and machine learning.
  4. The committee received a strategic update on eCommerce and approved a proposed approach moving forward.

For more information on any of the above resolutions, please
refer to the LCI Web site at www.lionsclubs.org or contact the International Office at 630-571-5466.