In the Wake of Flash Flood, New Club is Born

Battered by heavy rainfall, residents of the small town of Nawapur, in the Nandurbar District of Maharashtra, woke up to flash floods on August 16, 2018. The Rangavalli river overflowed and the local dam was breached, flooding 10 villages in the district. About 14 lives were lost and 462 homes damaged. Many had to flee to safer areas. In addition to the human lives lost, 110 animals were washed away in the floods.

Even as local government responded, Lions Clubs from Nandurbar swung into action.

District Governor Sanjay Vora phoned LCIF to obtain an emergency grant of US$10,000, which was quickly used to help the flood victims, and a subsequent US$100,000 grant was secured to help rebuild 200 homes in the region.

Since many of those affected by the floods lost their livelihoods, Lions used the grant to put together care packages containing groceries that would support a family of four for an entire month, along with other essentials.

Lion Nitin Karwa, together with Nandurbar Femina, Nandurbar, and Dhule Lions, prepared 650 kits that were then distributed to the flood victims at their doorstep.

The locals were so impressed by the Lions’ spirit of service that they decided to form their very own club.