In Times of Darkness, Be the Light

Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

Sometimes, it’s hard to find our way.

In the dawn of 2020, our world has been thrust into a great trial. The past few months have seen countries – including my own – tested to their limits. Many people are facing new realities that challenge their ability to make ends meet and provide enough food and essentials to keep their families safe. And many first responders – doctors, nurses, police officers, grocery store clerks, among the many others – are putting themselves on the line every day to save lives.

It is a dark time. It is easy to give in to fear. But we cannot. This is the time to act.

What that action looks like in the face of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing may look very different from service as we’ve known it. We have to put health and safety first. But now is not the time to shrink away from the new and different. Now is the time to tap into the innovation that Lions are known for so we can find new ways to help.

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. In these extraordinary times, let’s rededicate ourselves to service. Let’s become the lights that guide our world through this period of darkness.

In my dark moments – and there have been some for me, too, these past months – I like to imagine every Lion as a candle in a window. I see Lions serving meals to low-income children because schools are closed, making sure they don’t miss a meal. I see Lions delivering groceries to elderly neighbors who are most vulnerable to the virus. I see clubs hosting meetings online so they can stay connected and continue to find ways to give back. Every day, I see Lions putting their kindness in action.

And I am lifted.

Now imagine how bright the world would be with all our candles flickering together, shining brightly, helping the world to find its way.

Be the light, Lions. Show the way.



Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

International President, Lions Clubs International