Kindness Brings Warmth to the Giver and Receiver

Dr. Jung-Yul ChoiGreetings, Lions.

What is kindness?

It is all the things Lions do: It’s serving. In our communities and beyond.

But kindness is one of those words that can get overused, and the real meaning sometimes becomes lost. Kindness is any act that makes life better for any living thing, even for just a moment. Isn’t that what we’re really doing when we serve food or donate our time? Aren’t we trying to give people a moment in which they feel important; a moment in which they are not alone?

Kindness can be something small: A tree planted on a city street. Or it can be grand: An entire Lions district pooling its resources to build a community center focused on gender equality education.

When done right, an act of kindness also feels good to the person performing it. This is true for all acts of kindness. And it’s important to remember, especially at this time of year, that donating money is also an act of kindness. By donating, you are recognizing that there are some things that are beyond your ability to immediately fix. You are saying, “This is bigger than me, and I want to help.” And one of the best ways to give is to your foundation, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).

As your International President, I want to wish all of you the bounty that comes from giving. May your acts of kindness as Lions bring you warmth this season.


Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

International President, Lions Clubs International


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