LCI Forward Update

The world is hungry for good news. That’s why media-savvy Lions in Latin America and the Caribbean are putting their experience to work to tell the stories and elevate the Lions brand.

Professional communicators partner to promote Lions.

Lions in Latin America and the Caribbean realized that something was missing. We have incredible service stories to tell, but Lions often struggle to get the word out in the media. And so the Circle of Lions Communicators of Latin America and the Caribbean (CIRCOLAC) was formed.

This initiative is an online consortium of Lions who are associated with the media field in a personal or professional way, bringing experienced communicators together to develop better communications programs that would help share Lions’ stories with a broader audience.

The current goal of CIRCOLAC is to leverage the skills of Lions who are professional communicators to develop media-ready stories based on real service success and then use their skills and connections in public relations and media to get these stories in local news outlets.

This type of high-impact, highly specialized approach speaks to the innovation happening in Lions. Clubs are finding new ways to tell their service stories and raise their community visibility, and specialty clubs—which bring men and women together to serve around a specific cause, culture or profession, like media—give Lions new ways to serve their communities.

Read a special message from International Director Rodolfo Espinal on CIRCOLAC.

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