LCI Forward Update

The world is moving forward and so is LCI.

Five years ago LCI announced the strategic plan to serve 200 million people annually by focusing our efforts in areas we felt would best get us to that goal.

It’s amazing what we’ve done so far.

Over the past four years Lions have participated in LCI Forward by:

  1. Enhancing service impact and focus
  2. Reshaping public opinion and improving visibility
  3. Pursuing excellence at the club, district, and organizational levels
  4. Improving membership value and reaching new markets

These may seem like abstract ideas, but your club might be participating without realizing it. Did you know that getting out and talking to your neighbors can help reshape public opinion? It certainly increases visibility. And a more visible Lions club is one that has a better chance of attracting new members.

And when your club chooses to focus on one of our main cause areas—like diabetes, hunger, childhood cancer, vision, or the environment—then you are enhancing your service impact.

When you are constantly asking how you can make your club better, then you are in pursuit of excellence. You are improving membership value when you give Lions a great experience serving. And you reach new markets when you reach out—to young people, to families, to busy working parents who want to serve but can’t commit to monthly in-person meetings.

LCI Forward has been a successful initiative so far and it’s thanks to Lions. Congratulations on helping us work toward our goal.

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