LCIF Magnifies Service During Disaster
What’s more powerful than a pandemic intensified by wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes? Lions. Magnifying their service through LCIF.

Australia bush fires To support communities through the COVID-19 pandemic, LCIF awarded Lions across the world more than US$5.3 million, which they used to protect frontline medical workers, provide food for people out of work, increase handwashing opportunities, and connect patients in isolation with loved ones.

At the same time, the world’s other challenges never stopped. Disasters continued to deliver devastating blows, even as COVID-19 shut down the world as we knew it.

Hundreds of wildfires raged throughout the western United States, burning more than 10 million acres, destroying more than 13,000 buildings, and causing more than US$19.8 billion in damage.

Smoke rising from beirutAn explosion in Beirut killed more than 200 people and injured more than 7,500 others.

After Typhoon Haishen pummeled Japan, causing more than US$118 million in agricultural damage and disrupting power for hundreds of thousands of people.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Croatia, killing 7 people and causing more than US$6 billion in damage.

Uncontrollable bushfires in Australia scorched more than 46 million acres of land.

Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota, Category 4 and 5 storms, caused unimaginable destruction in Central America, taking aLions club members with yellow vests and white face masks, looking at camera. total of 272 lives, with 161 people still missing.

To magnify the disaster relief Lions were providing their communities, LCIF awarded Lions worldwide a total of another US$5 million From January 2020 through April 2021. Lions were able to provide support, comfort, and hope through clean water, food, blankets, shelter, medicine, and more.

Together, LCIF and Lions are helping the world make the one of the greatest comebacks in human history.


Voices from Leadership – Why We Support LCIF
Lion leaders from around the world tell us why our Foundation is so important, and what compels them to give. As we begin Campaign 100’s final push, supporting LCIF is vital.

“Because of our Foundation and the generosity of our donors, even though the challenges we face may change, our service will remain the same. Our goals are ambitious, and it will take all of us working together to make a difference.” – LCIF Chairperson Dr. Jung -Yul Choi

“100 percent of every gift, of every size, given in support of Campaign 100 returns to a community in need.” -Past International President and International Chairperson of Campaign 100, Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada

“By myself, I can do a little. With my club, I can do even more. With our Foundation, my service is limitless. I support LCIF because together, we can do so much more.” -Past International President and International Vice Chairperson of Campaign 100, J. Frank Moore III

“I am honored to be a part of LCIF. Our Foundation is a light to so many people in my own backyard and on the other side of the world. Together, we accomplish what so many others are afraid to even try.” -Past International Director Alexis Gomes

“In this campaign, we are making an investment that is strengthening our ability to serve over the next 50 years.” -Trustee Aruna Oswal

“If you put your money in the bank, you can get interest. But, if you put your money in LCIF, you can save the world. LCIF is using our donations to serve the world and make a big difference.” -Past International Director Magnet Lin

LCIF Helps Save Lives in IP Alexander’s Beloved Home Community

By Jamie Weber

 Desperate need. That’s one way to describe the situation in Brooklyn, New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, which happens to be home to International President Douglas Alexander.

Historically a disadvantaged neighborhood, Bed-Stuy, as it’s known to locals, needed an ambulance, residents often waiting 45 minutes for help to arrive. With demand outpacing resources, people were dying.

Ambulance with door open and Lions Club member clapping
LCIF awarded Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant Lions Club a US$17,500 grant to purchase a new ambulance to serve their community.

Eager to help, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) James ‘Rocky’ Robinson and Joe Perez launched Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps (BSVAC) with a single used vehicle. Passionate about improving outcomes, the duo worked tirelessly to bring average emergency response time below four minutes. It’s no wonder countless lives were saved through BSVAC, which provided service at no charge to those without insurance.

All was good – briefly. Then, the lone ambulance began needing costly repairs. As a volunteer squad, BSVAC could barely afford fuel, let alone a new ambulance. Enter IP Alexander’s home club, Brooklyn Bedford-Stuyvesant Lions Club. Learning of BSVAC’s mission, club members began buying gas and tires for the ambulance, but more was needed.

IP Alexander smiles and claps next to an ambulance
IP Alexander called it a a proud day when Lions were able to help purchase the ambulance to make his community safer.

That’s when the idea of a brand-new ambulance was talked about at a club meeting. But how would their club raise US$50,000? “It got very quiet in the room,” said IP Alexander. But then, members started to pledge US$500, US$1,000. Then they realized they could apply for an LCIF grant. A new life-saving ambulance that once seemed an unreachable goal could soon become reality.

LCIF awarded Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant Lions Club a US$17,500 grant. “It was a very proud day in Bedford-Stuyvesant,” said IP Alexander of the day Lions presented the new ambulance to BSVAC.

With a modern ambulance and volunteer heroes dedicated to saving neighbors’ lives, Bed-Stuy was suddenly safer. In addition to emergency medical services, BSVAC is a training facility, training first responders of all ages, from teaching children to how to administer first aid and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to an EMT training program. More than 2,000 local residents have learned to deliver these critical services, hundreds going on to become professional EMTs, nurses, paramedics, and doctors.

“We started mainly to save lives,” said BSVAC Commanding Officer Antoine Robinson, son of the late Rocky Robinson.

Neighbors cheer an ambulance
With a modern ambulance and volunteer heroes dedicated to saving neighbors’ lives, Bed-Stuy is now a safer place to live.

“But we also wanted to change lives. People on welfare, who have no way out, no connections to plug into… We give them opportunity. BSVAC is now more of a life-changing, career-starting organization.”

“When we serve together, our hearts beat stronger,” said IP Alexander. Together, LCIF and dedicated Bed-Stuy Lions have created deep and lasting change in a beloved community.

Learn more about LCIF grant opportunities at, then empower Lions service in your community.  Help Campaign 100 reach its US$300 million goal by donating at


LCIF Helps India Lions Move Children from Hungry to Hopeful
Hunger, a sad and pervasive issue worldwide, affects communities – especially children – in immeasurable ways. Chronic undernutrition leads to illness and delayed physical and mental development.

According to the India FoodBanking Network, four in 10 children in India face undernutrition or stunting.

Group of people holding signs that say "Child Care First"There to support children in rural India facing food insecurity are government-run childcare center known as Anganwadies. In addition to receiving preschool education, children at the centers receive meals and learn about nutrition.

Thousands of children in rural Kerala depend on these Anganwadies for their meals, but many of these facilities had old equipment in need of repair. Hygiene was often lacking as well. While caring staff did their best with the challenging circumstances, the children suffered. Lions, knowing how important Anganwadies are to communities, took action. They turned to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), which awarded a more than US$84,000 Hunger grant and a District and Club Community Impact grant of over US$11,000.

To ensure children had fresh, healthy meals, Lions used the LCIF funds to refurbish kitchen and dining facilities in 90 Kerala Anganwadies. Upgrades included stainless steel countertops and sinks, renovated plumbing, added worktables with stovetops, and new refrigerators. They also installed stainless steel dining tables and benches in the dining rooms for ease of cleaning and increased sanitation. Nearly 1,000 Lions helped install the upgrades and continue to monitor facilities for functionality.

Though the project took place during COVID-19, while Anganwadies were closed, Lions persisted, working with the government and teachers to receive and install the new equipment.

“The most modern and hygienic equipment, along with a refrigerator, were unimaginable to these centres without your support,” said V.P. Sajeendran, Kerala legislative member of Kunnathunad. “I appreciate LCIF for enabling Lions to implement such a project, which is a dire need of the community.”

Through LCIF grant funding and Lions’ kindness and service, more than 2,200 children annually who depend on Anganwadies now enjoy fresh, nutritious meals in clean environments.

Campaign 100 exists in part to expand Lions’ service to new cause areas, such as addressing hunger. Give today at To learn more about how LCIF empowers Lions to support their communities, visit


The Power of YOU and LCIF!

100% of your gift to LCIF and Campaign 100 creates moments and milestones like these.

  • Vision
    • LCIF Grant: $69,000
    • 25,000 children in Colombia receive vision screenings through 10 new screening devices
  • Youth
    • LCIF Grant: $100,000
    • Cameroon schools expanding social and emotional learning program Lions Quest; 360,000 students throughout Africa benefitted to date
  • Disaster Relief
    • LCIF Grant: $870,000 ($210,000 from partner Manappuram Finance)
    • 120 Kerala, India, homes reconstructed after devastating floods
  • Humanitarian Efforts
    • LCIF Grants: $5.3+ million
    • COVID-19 relief efforts spread globally; nearly $1.7 million awarded to CA IV alone
  • Diabetes
    • LCIF Grant: $10,400+
    • 21 Australian teens with diabetes enjoy week-long camp highlighting nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and fun
  • Childhood Cancer
    • LCIF Grant: $57,000
    • 300 cancer patients annually enjoy new Teen Zone in pediatric oncology unit of Ontario, Canada, children’s hospital.
  • Hunger
    • LCIF Grant: $45,000
    • Capacity expanded at Michigan, USA, Hungry for Christ food pantry; additional 18,000 people monthly fed
  • Environment
    • LCIF Grant: $3,000
    • Japan’s Hyogo prefecture cleaner thanks to Lions’ clean-up event

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