Leaders Show the Way

Lions Club International President Brian Sheehan

Hello, Lions!

Learning how to lead is one of the perks of being a Lion. We invest in our Lions to ensure that you have all the opportunities you need to become effective leaders in service, in your communities, and in life.

But don’t mistake having a title for being a leader. You could be president of the world and still not be an effective leader. Leaders show the way through their actions. They inspire others by being the type of person others can look up to. Real leaders show up. They recognize what needs to be done. And they do it.

Lions are leaders in their communities every day. In Turkey, in Ukraine, in communities around the world, Lions are showing up.

So, while it’s important to gain the skills needed for advanced leadership, don’t forget that real leadership is in the doing. It’s in the service. And it’s what Lions do every day.

Make a great day,

Lions Clubs International President Sheehan



Brian E. Sheehan

International President, Lions Clubs International


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