As we entered our second century of service, we had a vision: to increase our humanitarian impact, innovate our service, and position our organization, our global foundation and our clubs for long-term success. We needed a roadmap to successfully guide us into the future and help us reach these goals.

LCI Forward became that bold new vision in 2015.

LCI Forward was our five-year strategic plan designed to help Lions and Leos achieve our global vision for a better tomorrow. With input from thousands of members around the world, the plan focused on enhancing our service impact, reshaping public opinion, pursuing excellence, and improving membership value. By introducing innovative programs and cutting-edge technologies, it prepared Lions and Leos to meet the challenges ahead.

Thanks to the hard work of Lions and Leos all over the world, we achieved our goals. Here are some of our success stories:

1) Reached Our Goal of Serving 200 Million People Per Year

We set a lofty goal of tripling our service impact and the number of people we served per year, from 71 million to 200 million. Thanks to your dedication, we achieved—and even surpassed—this incredible milestone in 2019-20, bringing more good to the world than ever before.

2) Increased Our Impact through Our Global Causes

We explored which humanitarian causes would provide the most benefit to those we serve and identified and focused on the most pressing issues of the day: Diabetes, Vision, Hunger, Environment, and Childhood Cancer.

3) Launched the Largest Fundraising Effort in LCIF History

To support our new global causes, we launched Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service in 2018 with a goal of raising US$300 million. This was the largest fundraising effort in the history of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). With the support of Lions and Leos, we are working to achieve this goal to make sure that our members have the vital resources necessary to offer help -- and hope -- to those who need it most.

4) Welcomed New Members in a Brand New Way

New members bring new energy to our clubs. We want them to have an exceptional experience when they become part of the Lions family. That’s why each new Lion now receives an enhanced New Member Kit and a series of inspirational and educational communications.

5) Strengthened Clubs with the Club Quality Initiative

To help Lions strive for continuous improvement in club operations, membership, service and marketing, we rolled out the Club Quality Initiative. This program helps clubs assess their effectiveness, identify opportunities, and connect to key resources so they can set goals and create their own action plans.

6) Made Customer Service a Priority

We built a centralized Member Services Center (MSC) to improve member support. We trained our staff and rolled out new technology to efficiently respond to your requests. We’ll continue to improve and provide more self-service options for you.

7) Made Service Reporting Easier

We created new reporting tools like MyLion to make it easier for clubs, districts, and multiple districts to report and track their service. This has helped shine a spotlight on the incredible contributions of Lions and Leos around the world.

8) Took Global Action with the GAT

In the pursuit of excellence at all levels of Lions, the Global Action Team (GAT) was established to connect Lions to the resources they need to strengthen their leadership, membership and service. We also created new programs, products, and tools designed to better support our members and innovate our service.

9) Took LION Magazine Digital

For Lions on the go, we launched digital editions and apps for LION Magazine so members could conveniently keep up with LION stories anytime, anywhere. Check out our all-new digital LION at

10) Inspired the World with Kindness

To let the world know about the work we do to improve the lives of millions, we launched the Kindness Matters global advertising campaign in 2017. We told our stories of kindness on prominently displayed billboards and public transportation, and through digital advertising throughout the world, reaching more than 500 million people.

Lions have been taking on the biggest challenges facing the world for more than a century. Let’s celebrate the incredible things we’ve accomplished together and look forward to all the great things that lie ahead. We couldn’t have done this without you!

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