The world needs Lions like never before.

For more than a century, Lions have stepped up in their communities — giving, supporting and serving. Each Lion matters to the people who depend on us. And every club is doing their part to make their communities stronger, healthier and kinder places for all.

But as we strive to increase our service and extend our helping hands far and wide, the needs of our communities — and our world — are growing beyond our reach. To ensure we can be there, when and where we’re needed, we must also grow.

That’s why Lions are taking action now.

Beier Lions 56The more we grow, the more we can give.

More Lions = more service. The equation is simple, but the challenge is bold. MISSION 1.5 is our drive to reach 1.5 million members worldwide by July 1, 2027. It will help us meet the growing needs of our communities. It will help us serve more people than ever before. And it will help make our clubs, our communities and our service stronger than ever.

That’s why Lions are rising to the challenge.

You are vital to this mission.

There’s never been a challenge too big for Lions. Now is the time for Lions to step up. Now is the time to redefine the future of service. Now is the time to grow. And we all have role to play.

That’s why your fellow Lions need you to join the mission. Because together, we are unstoppable.

There’s never been a challenge too big for Lions. But we can’t do it without you.

Join the mission.


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