Lions Clubs Now Prominently Featured in Trudeau Family Home and Prime Minister Office

(Left to right) Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Ramez Ayoub, New Voices Coordinator Liliane Farhat, PDG Nicole LePage, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, MP Linda Lapointe, and Madame Sophie Grégoire Trudeau pose with the Prime Minister's new Lions Clubs Peace plaque.

When Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, spoke at the Lions of Canada New Voices Symposium in Ottawa in May of 2019, Lions had expected the prime minister to attend as well. He was unable to make it and therefore unable to receive the Peace Plaque the Lions had prepared to present to him. Lions presented Madame Trudeau with one of her own as a thank you for speaking at their symposium.

However, the Lions had a second chance when, in October, the prime minister and his wife visited Sainte-Thérèse, where PDG and New Voices Leader Nicole LePage lives. The member of parliament representing her district arranged for LePage to present the plaque to Trudeau, who was surprised when he saw it. He said there was one just like it already hanging in their foyer at their home.

“I said, ‘that was for your wife. This one is for you,’” says LePage. The prime minister then said he would be very happy to hang it in his prime minister office.

“Madame Trudeau was very impressed with Lions and deeply touched with our peace poster program,” says LePage.