Lions Helping Lions

“How can clubs like the Paradise Host Lions keep going when it’s taking 100 percent of their energy to help the community?” asks Jackson [California] Lions Club President Mike Bohl.

Well, the Lions will help them.

In June, about seven months after the devastating fire in northern California, members of the Jackson Lions drove 135 miles to treat the Paradise Host Lions and their hardworking community guests to a tri-tip dinner.

The restaurant where the Paradise club regularly met had burned to the ground, so they weren’t sure where they would host the dinner. But the Paradise Elks, whose lodge had also been destroyed by fire, came to their aid. The Elks had leased a new building and were happy to allow the Lions to use it for an evening.

The Jackson Lions Club also led District 4A1’s 55 Lions clubs in collecting funds to help seed the treasury for the Paradise Host Lions who have been unable to run normal fundraisers, said Bohl in early spring. They expected to surprise the Paradise club with US$5,000.