Lion’s Mobility Park: Martensville’s Inclusive Eco-Friendly Playground

Martensville, Saskatchewan, is a thriving city in western Canada that maintains its small-town charm. Recognizing the evolving needs of community members facing mobility challenges, Lions embarked on a mission to create an environmentally friendly playground that is inclusive for disabled children in the community.

Lions of District 5 SKN displayed a tireless work ethic holding multiple fundraisers, including raffles and bingo sessions, to raise money for this project. As the community rallied behind them, Lions received a Matching Grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) of US$84,630. With this grant, they were able to fully launch this project into action ensuring children of all abilities would be able to use the playground.

lions mobility park7

While playgrounds can be made from a variety of materials, this playground is made with a completely rubberized surface, making it exceptionally safe. Beyond providing a secure place to play, this eco-conscious space champions a greater cause. The surface is made from the soles of 13,000 Nike shoes and 10,000 recycled tires. Constructing this playground with recycled rubber materials has many environmental benefits, including diverting waste from landfills and reducing the demand for new raw materials. It also displays an innovative and eco-friendly approach, setting a positive example for the community and promoting sustainable practices for a brighter, greener future. It is currently the largest rubberized park in Saskatchewan and one of the biggest projects Nike has been involved in within the country, leaving a mark of positive change.

Committed to inclusivity, this park is the first of its kind in Martensville and is accessible for everyone. Seniors enjoy walking on the rubberized park because it is easier on their joints. Mothers love the park because their little ones don’t come home with dirty shoes full of sand or woodchips.

Lions club member Leslie Truitt says, “The mobility playground is connected to the spray park and the pavilion and has a lot of options, including 3D animals, an electronic game, a swing that works with a wheelchair and a ‘gen swing.’ We did this so it is accessible for anybody and an entire family can enjoy all aspects of the park, and to provide a place for all kids to have that experience and just enjoy being a kid.”

lions mobility park5

The Lions Mobility Park’s grand opening took place in August 2023 and Lions could feel the fun and lively energy in the air. There was a barbeque with hamburgers, smokies and hot dogs, as well as drinks, snacks and games. According to Truitt, approximately 300 people attended the event to partake in activities and explore the new playground.

“We are so happy that we were able to deliver a park for mobility in the community. It didn’t happen overnight, and took years to get it to this point, but we are very pleased with the final product. We are so proud of this community and so grateful for the support LCIF has given us,” Truitt says.

Lions and Leos work very hard to protect the environment, creating healthier communities and a more sustainable world. LCIF offers a wide variety of grant programs to empower projects like these. Matching Grants, like this one, identify what a community needs most, and make it a reality. Learn more about Matching Grants at