Lions Recognized as Partners with Mobility Worldwide in Serving the World’s Leg-Disabled

Lions Clubs International was recognized for its role as a major distribution partner by Mobility Worldwide in serving the needs of the leg-handicapped of the world as the organization celebrated its 25th Anniversary at its annual meeting in Austin, Texas, September 26-28, 2019.

Mobility carts can give an entire family a leg up.

Founded in 1994, Mobility Worldwide (formerly known as the Pet Project) has built and distributed 80,000 sturdy, hand-cranked, three-wheeled carts (built to industrial specifications) for those who lack mobility due to landmine injury, birth defects, amputation, polio, and other causes. These 80,000 carts have been built and delivered free to those in need in 104 countries.

Lions have served as a major distribution partner since 2009, delivering more than 4,000 carts in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Lion volunteers are very active in the work of Mobility Worldwide in Texas, Maine, and Alaska. Texas Lions are major financial supporters and volunteer their service for affiliates in San Antonio, Austin, and College Station.

The mobility carts have been a fixture in the great parade of nations at the Lions International Conventions since 2006.