Listen to the Greatest Stories on Earth

A team of dedicated Lions in Georgia record themselves reading the full print issues and make the recordings available to anyone who needs (or wants) them. Lion Stacie Court, a member of the Athens Lions Club, has been overseeing the project for 15 years.

Woman stand by home recording studioHowever, now that a majority of the articles are only available online, the crew is taking their talents to In addition to recording the full print issues, the team of volunteers will begin recording the digital-only articles as well. The goal is for Lions who are visually impaired or blind—and anyone who is interested—to be able to enjoy the stories without having to rely on the artificial voices available through technology. “We want it to be like we’re having a conversation about the subject of the article,” says Court.

To receive a links to the recordings, email Stacie Court at or call directly at 706-424-9516.