May the New Year Bring Renewed Dedication to Service

Lions Clubs International President Alexander

Dear Lions,

I love the month of January because it brings such a sense of hope. A new year, a new start.

While we are in the midst of a busy season of service as Lions, I like to pause and reflect on the calendar year—the one that is coming to a close and the one that is just beginning.

It’s wonderful to look back at all I did over the past year and yet, just as important to note the things I want to improve upon in the new year. Where might I have done better? Then, I rededicate myself to service. By doing this, I am making a choice, every year, to be a Lion.

And I could not think of a more meaningful way to begin a new year than by choosing service.

Lions, you are doing so much. Take the time to celebrate your accomplishments. Then, think about what ways you may want to improve in the coming months.

We can all do better. The world is in need. What do you have to give?

I am sending all Lions, near and far, my best wishes for a very happy new year.


Yours in service,



Douglas X. Alexander

International President, Lions Clubs International


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