No Wall Left Blank

The Inskip Lions Club in Knoxville, Tenn., turned a blank wall into an opportunity to tell the story of Lions and the history of their Inskip community.

woman paints a muralThe mural was designed and created by artist Megan Lingerfelt to show the interconnectedness of the school and the Lions through their shared history and continued partnership.

The club building happens to be right next door to the local elementary school, which the Lions have a long history of supporting, andBlank wall they wanted to remind parents and students that Lions were there for them, every day. The design incorporates elements from the town’s beginnings as a small stop on a rail line with objects that showcase what Lions are about, like eyeglasses and a service dog. Favorite community spots like the local pool are included as well, along with books, to commemorate the building’s former use as a library.

Mostly, they wanted to create a beautiful spot for students, teachers, and parents.