Partnerships Ensure Your Work Continues

Hello, Lions!

Gudrun YngvadottirWhen I think of the power of partnerships, I think of the task of raising a family. I remember how difficult it was at times to balance the care and nurturing of my children with the demands of school and work life.

On those nights I needed to work, my husband was there to put the kids to bed. On those days when my kids were sick or sad or just needed their mom, I had coworkers who understood and helped cover while I stayed home and gave them medicine and hugs.

I could have done it all alone. Many do. But it sure was easier with partners. Partnerships not only support you in your efforts—whether it’s raising a family or planning a service project—but they also ensure the work you do lives on, even when you move on.

You could plant a garden and tend it alone, but it will die if you move away or can no longer care for it. But if you get the whole community involved, you will have planted something that will live beyond you. And that is the very definition of what it means to make an impact.

Let’s make this a summer of building the relationships that will help our work continue well into the future.


Gudrun Yngvadottir

International President, Lions Clubs International

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