As part of their annual Tribute Day, Arthur Riggs, Ph.D was invited by the Lions Club of Montebello to be an honorary member for his extraordinary contribution and incredible advancements in the fight against diabetes.

In 1978 Riggs co-led the team that laid the groundwork for the development of the first synthetic human insulin with Diabetes.

Currently the Samuel Rahbar Chair in Diabetes & Drug Discovery at City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer care center in California, Riggs has been working on better treatments for diabetes since joining the renowned cancer center in 1969.

Ironically, “I did not intend to study diabetes,” Riggs admitted in a 2018 interview. “The early work was an accident. Really, we were trying to make genes. We asked ourselves, ‘What useful gene can we make?’ The gene that we decided to make that we thought would be useful was human insulin.”

Riggs’ nomination was approved by the board of directors of the Montebello Lion Club and will be officially entered into LCI’s club roster as an honorary member