See You Later Seaweed

See You Later Seaweed

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, more than 100 Hawaiian Leos, Lions, and friends partnered with the Malama Maunalua non-profit to pull nearly 6,000 pounds of invasive alien algae from Maunalua Bay in east Oahu. The seaweed, called gorilla orgo, out-competes native algae and coral leading to shifts in the ecosystem and habitat loss, greatly affecting recreational and commercial fishing industries. All the seaweed was donated to a local organic farm for composting.

The Purrfect Place

The East London Port Rex Lions in East London, South Africa, donated a fully-furnished cabin to homeless cats at Pet Pals, a local animal rescue. The “house” has everything a pampered feline might need, including upholstered chairs, cushions, baskets, mounted ledges, a patio with a hammock, and a small, colorful garden.

Reading Reaches New Heights

A kite soars above the Rocky Mountains, a symbol of one Cedar City, Utah child’s reading accomplishments. The Lions in the small mountain town have put a price on reading, encouraging kids to keep their noses in books for a few months in exchange for a colorful, high-flying kite. Read story now.