Serving with Love

Lions Clubs International President Alexander

Dear Lions,

As a Lion, one of my favorite projects during this time of year is serving food to those who don’t have enough to eat. And one of the things I think about a lot when I do this is how important it is to serve from the heart.

Now, I can go to a soup kitchen, and I can just stand behind a table with all of this beautiful food, or I can stand there with a smile. I can do it simply because I volunteered to do it, or I can do it with love and kindness. I can do it from my heart.

The people who eat at soup kitchens don’t want to be there. They don’t want to ask for free meals. Many are dealing with hardships, are lonely, or are suffering from poor health. It’s important that I stand there with love and kindness in my heart, that I smile, and I offer that food with warmth. People can feel your energy. When you do something with kindness, it radiates from you.

If I have a smile on my face, and if I'm feeling good about what I'm doing, I think people pick up on that. They see it. They feel it. And the people we serve feel it too. So be aware when you serve. Ask yourself—am I doing it from my heart, or am I doing it just because it was something I said I’d do? There's a difference.

People need to feel wanted and appreciated, no matter what their station is in life. So, this month and every month, when you're serving that meal, serve it with a smile, serve it with tenderness, and serve it with kindness. Because it truly matters.

Yours in service,




Douglas X. Alexander

International President, Lions Clubs International


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