Tema Supreme Leos Reign Supreme

Every December, we celebrate Leos and invite Leo clubs from around the world to submit an entry in the Annual Leo Video Contest.

This year, to celebrate their club’s unique story, we asked Leos to create a video that shows what they’re most proud of in their club’s #LeoLegacy. We received 44 videos from 20 countries, all showing the amazing breadth of work that Leos do.

The winning club this year was the Tema Supreme Leo Club from Ghana with their video titled “Care for the Blind.”

The Tema Supreme Leos focus on vision projects, and their passion for service attracted three visually impaired young people to join their club. Serving with their visually impaired members motivated them to create a signature project called, “Being the Eyes of the Blind.” The project raises funds to provide financial support, food supplies, and domestic needs to visually impaired people registered under the Ghana Blind Union. This unique project will leave a legacy they can be proud of.

See the winning video here.