Because we know that together we are more. Together, there are no limits. Paint stroke


A presidency that took flight in Bird Island

To know Brian Sheehan is to know Bird Island, a small town in Minnesota where family and community are nearly one and the same. Families take care of one another, and neighbors look out for each other. It’s safe. It’s trusting. It’s close-knit.

“Everybody knows everybody, and everybody watches out for you,” said Sheehan. If you need help shoveling the sidewalk or a hand moving, chances are help is right next door. This sense of community, and the feeling of connection it brings, helped shape the life of Sheehan. And so did his family, who were more than just great parents and good neighbors. They were Lions. 

His father was a founding member of the Bird Island Lions Club in 1964, and he’s proud of that heritage: “We’re part of a fourth-generation Lions family.” Even the grandfather and father of his wife, Lori, were both Lions. Service was simply a part of his childhood, from delivering Meals on Wheels to selling Christmas trees and then collecting them for his local Lions club bonfire. “At 6 years of age, and in a small community, and with all the things they wanted done, we just tagged along.”

As he grew up, he became more and more involved in Lions, cooking homemade sausage at Lion events and taking part in the local demolition derby. Eventually, he joined Lions himself in his 30s. “I made that decision to be part of this organization. It wasn’t something that was brought on by my dad necessarily, by him asking me.” He knew that Lions were there making his community—and communities around the world—even stronger. Even better. Even closer. 

Brian Sheehan also knew at an early age that the best way to make his contribution to his community was to first make something of himself. 

I saw this TEAM APPROACH in our club. It was always community first. – International President, Brian E. Sheehan 

Small town, big ideas

Brian left Bird Island for college to become a mechanical engineer. He thought engineering could help him tackle big Brian Sheehan and Wifeproblems, but after a single computer science class, his priorities changed. The potential in this new, exciting field was clear to him. He returned to Bird Island and immediately placed an order for his first computer. 

His business started as a small idea to improve his father’s propane delivery routes. Together with his brother, Kevin, he wrote a custom programming language and built an algorithm to keep track of statements and plan routes based on weather and other factors for his father’s propane business. And it quickly took off—people from all around Minnesota came looking for the software.

Group of Lions giving a group high fiveHe even moved his business to a larger city in order to expand, but quickly realized that there’s no place like home. In Bird Island, he knew the people working for him. He knew he could help his community by being there. Not just as a business owner, but as a friend, a neighbor and a Lion. He realized he could do big things in a small town. And he did.

Sheehan and his Lions club helped build Lions Memorial Park—one of the premier baseball diamonds in Minnesota—to bring people to Bird Island, to bring his community closer and to show everyone how big ideas can be brought to life, even in a small town. 

“No one can do something like that on their own. It was a team effort. That’s how we bring big ideas to life.”

His club is a pillar in the community. His business is global. His dream of being international president is now a reality. After everything he’s done, he believes that when we work together, we can make the impossible possible. Which is what he has planned for Lions. 


Together we canLions clean up a park

It’s so simple, so fundamental, and so true. 

Together We Can. 

President Sheehan believes it. He sees it in his work, in his service and in his wonderful marriage to Lori—teamwork makes it all work. That’s why Together We Can is his message to Lions, and the world. 

Lion high fiveWe see it in our clubs every day. People uniting to build up our communities, to be the helping hand, to change lives. Together. 

We see it in the work we do with Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). We take on big life-changing projects that make our communities healthier, more vital and more sustainable. And we do it together. 

Lions know we can’t do it alone. To accomplish big things, we all have to pull together, roll up our sleeves and put in the work to make the impossible possible. And we do it with a smile because this is how we live, this is how we serve, and this is who we are as Lions. Lions Drive through pancake feed

Every day, we live out the simplicity, the necessity and the absolute beauty of Together We Can. 

At every point in my journey, in business, in my family life, and especially in Lions, we found out WE CAN ACHIEVE SO MUCH MORE when we do it together. – INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT, BRIAN E. SHEEHAN 

Achieving Great Things Together 

Lions paint a shedWhen we carry that spirit of togetherness out into the world, great things happen. Here are some priorities that can help us strengthen our communities and Lions. 

Share the Joy of Being a Lion When our clubs grow, so does the kindness we bring. It takes healthy clubs to keep our service going, our members happy and our communities strong. When we invite family, friends and neighbors to join us, we increase what we can do together. And the fun we have together. 

Keep our Foundation Strong Our service is powered by our foundation, LCIF. Together, we take on bigger projects that lead to bigger impact and bigger change, where we live and around the world. Let’s celebrate the success of Campaign 100, and let’s continue to support our foundation and the future of service so weLion hands out food can magnify our impact. 

Think Big When We Serve Let’s think about how we can make the projects we love even better, and let’s look for new ways to support our global causes because real change starts with big ideas. Don’t shy away from taking on a big, daring project, and be prepared to be amazed at what we can do together. 

Brian Sheehan goes down a slideBe a Local Advocate Lions are leaders in their communities, and our service and our voices matter. So be a champion for a local cause. Create awareness, education and change. Become a local leader—and a vocal leader—for your club, your causes and your community. 


Together we can starts with you

Sure, we can make a difference on our own. But together, we can change the world. Here are some great ways to put Together We Can to work in your club and your community. 

Teamwork Teamwork is the engine that drives us forward—it’s how great things happen. So it’s up to each of us to pitch in, to do our part, and to be a team player. Not only will we get great things done, but we’ll be part of something greater than ourselves too. 

Attitude We’re driven by a passion for helping others—and we have fun doing it. So keep in mind that a smile and a can-doBrian Sheehan leads a parade attitude are contagious. When our service and fellowship reflect the joy within us, we can achieve the best possible outcomes and bring out the very best in ourselves. 

Thinking outside of the box This expression usually denotes innovation and big change—but it’s really about problem-solving. It’s a willingness to reassess and set aside old ways, to get creative and try new things. And when you embrace it, you just may find that the impossible is, in fact, possible. 

WE HELP MILLIONS and millions of people. That’s the best thing about this whole organization and being a Lion. – International President, Brian E. Sheehan 

Together We Can

And Together We Will.