We Serve in communities big and small. Responding to unique local needs is precisely what Lions do. It’s what we’ve done for over 100 years. That’s why when the world is experiencing hardship, Lions are there. Through the vibrancy of our global membership, innovation and hard work, Lions everywhere are providing much needed hope to so many communities. We are proud to beUnited in Kindness and Diversity.

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Now is the time to come together

It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve as the 103rd International President of Lions Clubs International. Over the past year, I experienced the overwhelming good Lions delivered to over 275 million people—more than ever before. Though I have been a Lion myself for over 40 years, it has been truly humbling to see the innovative and diverse ways our clubs serve their local communities around the world.My experiences as International President have reminded me of just how critical our service is to people everywhere and the incredible contribution it’s making to our future. And while the past year has brought with it great highs, the world, as we all know, has experienced many changes. New global challenges have emerged, impacting our everyday lives and our ability to work, play, communicate and serve in the ways we’ve always done. In the face of these new challenges, Lions have responded like they always have: with kindness, passion and conviction, lifting up others through our diversity of service. I’m so proud of all our members. In this new Lions year, I’ve been asked to serve another term as International President. I am honored to continue leading us through this changing landscape, and I’m grateful for the trust you’ve placed in me. Yet, it is the trust I have in each and every Lion that gives me hope and confidence in our ability to lead, to safely serve and to restore hope to the world in this historic moment. Thank you all,

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Our diversity enhances our kindness

Uniting the world of Lions to serve communities everywhere.

Kindness is at the heart of service. Lions have known this to be true since the first club was formed over one hundred years ago. However, in recent years, the phrase “Kindness Matters” has grown into something more—something we say, and something we live. And it fits so well with our motto, “We Serve.” Why do Lions serve? It’s simple. It’s because kindness matters.

United in diversity. There are over 1.4 million Lions around the world, and more than 48,000 clubs. There are Lions in more than 200 countries and regions. We are one of the most diverse and inclusive volunteer organizations on earth. We serve all people, in all places, and it’s our great diversity that enables our exceptional service. By bringing together people from different cultures, perspectives and backgrounds, we are able to approach challenges in a unique way. We literally bring a world of service to every project Lions take on.

The harmony of service. Through the diversity of service Lions offer communities around the globe, we are able to extend kindness to hundreds of millions of people each year. That’s a remarkable achievement. When we bring together caring men and women — each one unique, yet everyone united for the greater good—we create a very special form of harmony. It’s the harmony of service. And it can reach all people, in good times, and in times of great need.


Serving our world safely

Our 2020-2021 Global Priorities

Our global, and local, causes
Lions clubs are built to serve their local communities. They depend on us to meet many local needs, and those needs are growing and changing due to the unique challenges we’re facing. We will continue to serve local needs, and we will also continue to build momentum around our global causes. We will provide clubs with resources, assistance and tools to serve both locally and globally through the Global Action Team and Lions Clubs International.

Campaign 100
This year, we will continue to support Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and Campaign 100, our effort to raise $US300 million to empower the service of Lions. We are extending the Campaign through June 2022 due to the global challenges we’re facing. Your generosity will help ensure that Lions have access to funding to take on more substantial projects in their communities. Giving is just another way of serving, so put your generosity into action by supporting this campaign that is supporting your service.

Storytelling brings your service to life. This year, it is critical for Lions to share the stories of how we are serving in these challenging times. By utilizing social media and leveraging local media, Lions can stay connected to their communities while promoting their clubs. Storytelling can inspire your community, and the caring men and women who are looking for an opportunity to serve.

Healthy Clubs
Club health is still so important, even if it looks different today than it has in the past. Today, a healthy club is finding ways to serve safely, and getting as many members involved as possible. A healthy club is still holding meetings, but they’re doing it virtually. A healthy club is engaging members through emails, social media and friendly check-ins. We will return to the incredible hands-on service that we are known for, and love. But until then, we need to create a great club experience now that makes all members feel invested and truly part of the club so we are ready to serve today and tomorrow.


Moving forward together

When Lions stay connected, our communities benefit

In times of social distancing, it’s important for Lions to find ways to stay connected—to one another and their communities. One of the greatest strengths of our clubs is that they promote real and lasting connections with other kind-hearted volunteers. Now is the time for clubs and members to find innovative and creative ways to continue to work with each other and their communities. In the face of all obstacles, Lions always find a way to serve the needs of their neighbors and the world.

Serving safely. The world has changed over the past year, and so have Lions. We are finding innovative new ways to serve safely, and addressing new needs that we have not encountered before. Lions International has created new resources on lionsclubs.org to help you serve safely. We have made the health and well-being of others our mission, but let’s also make sure we’re taking care of our members and ourselves.

Our leaders and staff are here for you. A huge benefit of being a Lion is the global support system provided by your international headquarters staff—all dedicated to helping you serve. Now is the perfect time to utilize the tools and resources available to Lions on lionsclubs.org and rely on your Global Action Team (GAT) to enhance your leadership, membership and service.

Together, more than ever

If our over 100-year history has proved anything, it’s that Lions always answer the call. Now, it’s time for us to continue building upon this noble tradition. Lions have shown so much courage in this past year and undoubtedly will continue to serve, united in kindness and diversity, through the coming year with the same strength and pride.

We stand together. United in kindness and diversity.