United in Kindness and Diversity

Dr. Jung Yui Choi

Greetings Lions,

Serving as your International President for the past year has been an honor of a lifetime. Never have I been more humbled and more moved than by the compassion and hard work I saw from Lions every day.

Now, in the face of the unique challenges the world is facing, I have been asked to extend my term as your International President. I accept this honor and responsibility with the same enthusiasm and commitment as for my first year.

This year I will expand on the official them – We Serve – with an additional focus on staying United in Kindness and Diversity. You can read more about my theme on page 19.

I also want to acknowledge that the world has greatly changed in the past six months. Nearly every aspect of our daily lives, including how we serve, has been altered. Yet Lions have responded with the urgency and care I would expect, developing innovative ways to help their communities.

I ask that even as we see signs of hope in the fight against the pandemic, that we continue to serve safely by practicing social distancing and following the health and safety guidelines where
we live.

Lastly, I want to remind you that while we are in unprecedented times, Lions have a rich history of serving through all kinds of difficult moments. We know how to focus on what matters – kindness. And we know how to unite our diverse strengths so that the world can feel the compassion and support of Lions.

Let’s stand together. Let’s begin another great year of service.


Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

International President, Lions Clubs International