We Are Connected

Anja Rožen, 13, from Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2021-2022 Peace Poster Contest.

Zoy Winner of peace essay contest
Shreya Zoy, 13, from Kerala, India.

“Peace is very important,” said Rožen. “There is inner peace, which is finding happiness and contentment no matter how stressful your life is. Peace is also freedom from violence. When there is peace, nations and the whole planet can be stable and promote cultural growth. I don’t understand wars, how people can let them happen or what leads people that far.”

Rožen was sponsored by The Slovenj Gradec Lions Club and her poster was chosen for its originality, artistic merit and portrayal of the contest theme, “We Are All Connected.”

Shreya Zoy, 13, from Kerala, India is the Grand Prize Winner of this year’s Peace Essay Contest. Her powerful piece titled “We Are All Connected” centers on the idea that the world is one family.

@022 Peace poster winner
The 2021-2022 Grand Prize winning poster.
Rožen Peace poster winner
Anja Rožen, 13, from Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia.

“We are interconnected and dependent on [one] another’s kindness.” Says Zoy. “The recent pandemic teaches us a lesson that nobody can survive alone.” Zoy was sponsored by the Mannuthy Agri City Lions Club.

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