We are Team Lions

Lions Club International President Brian Sheehan

Hello, Lions!

There’s one thing better than watching a great team in action—being on the team! There are few things I love more than pulling on a jersey, grabbing a glove, and taking my place on the field. It’s hard work, it requires dedication, but it’s also just so much fun.

Of course, I’m talking about Team Lions. When my club goes out to serve, we do it as a unit. We wear our club shirts, we take our positions, and we use our individual strengths to help our team be successful.

We aren’t just a club. We’re a group of caring people who are dedicated to the same mission. We all work hard and use our talents in different ways to achieve a common goal. And when we want to have a bigger impact, we grow our team. We do this by recruiting more members, and also, importantly, by partnering with other clubs and organizations.

There is no real way to have the impact we want to have if we go it alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others and encourage them to join us. We accomplish big things by working together. Through hard work, dedication, and teamwork. Oh, and didn’t I mention…fun!

Go team, Lions.

Make a great day,

Lions Clubs International President Sheehan



Brian E. Sheehan

International President, Lions Clubs International


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