We are the Good Things

Lions Club International President Brian Sheehan

Hello, Lions!

In Minnesota, even though December is cold and dark, our hearts are never more warm and filled with light than they are during this time. It’s in December that we share meals with loved ones and find ways to connect with friends we haven’t seen all year. We look for ways to give to those in need. And we are thankful, more than ever, for not only the things we have, but the ways in which we are able to help those who need us.

Besides my family, there is nothing in this world I’m more thankful for than the ability to serve others. I am honored to serve soup to the homeless, build parks and community gardens, and invest in the care of our environment. I am humbled by the people who allow me into their lives so that I may give to them a small portion of what the world has given to me.

Lions, as we near the end of the calendar year and start thinking about our hopes for the new year, let’s not forget about the people we serve. Let’s remember that we are all hoping for good things in our lives—and that we are the good things in our lives. Our loved ones, our fellow Lions, and those we serve.


Make a great day,

Lions Clubs International President Sheehan



Brian E. Sheehan

International President, Lions Clubs International


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