We Can Overcome

Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

Greetings, Lions.

The past year has been one marked by struggle. The struggle to stay healthy; the struggle to serve those in need; the struggle to maintain some sense of who we are in the face of such unprecedented circumstances.

But a new year lies ahead. And with that, a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. When I think of all we have faced I am reminded of the words of Helen Keller, who praised struggle as one of our greatest blessings. It teaches us patience and sensitivity, she said. It teaches us that although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

And I have seen that in the work Lions do. I still see it. I see Lions working through obstacles with patience. I see Lions showing great empathy for those who have been most affected by hardship. And I see Lions not just overcoming, but helping the world to overcome.

This is a new year. Time to look ahead and not behind. While we can and must be changed by the challenges of the past year, we must continue to move forward as Lions. And we do this through service.

Let’s look toward a new year, which will be filled with new struggles, yes, and also new possibilities.



Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

International President, Lions Clubs International


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