We Make the Constellations

Dr. Jung Yui Choi

Greetings Lions,

People are natural storytellers. Consider the constellations. Nearly every culture in recorded history has made a story out of the stars. These stories enabled our ancestors to use the night sky to navigate, pass on oral histories, and to make sense of their world. This is still how we use stories today.

Lions have the greatest stories on earth. Our service transforms people’s lives. Lions give their time, energy, and funds to worthy causes because they know that a better life for others will make a better world for us all. And telling these stories is one way to ensure the good works continue.

Telling Lion stories can help other Lions find new ways to serve, they can help inspire others to act, and they can show the world how Lions are helping to make life better for everyone.

Every act of kindness is another brilliant light. Like the stars, the inspiring work of Lions is all around. It’s up to us to tell the stories that give it meaning.


Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

International President, Lions Clubs International