A Quiet Voice

In a poster he created for a literacy class assignment, Mark Barniville shared all about himself, just like the teacher wanted. It was one of those get-to-know-you types of activities for the beginning of the year. He drew a bike, because he liked riding bikes. He advertised his love for steak and pizza, and wrote […]

A High Note

Sometimes Saving One Life Can Help Change Your Own His father calls him “cheeky and cheerful.” Jayden, 3, also is—in the best sense possible—a mimic of sorts. Often confined to a hospital bed while he battles cancer, he’s accustomed to being helped. But he’s learned to do unto others as has been done for him. […]

This Old House

When this young couple’s dream home wasn’t safe for their son, Lions stepped in – and brought their tool belts. Jay and Veronika McHugh had hundreds of people living around them but knew none of them. Their busy city life in Ottawa, Ontario, left them longing for a tighter knit community where they could own […]

Super Kids

Lions in Germany believe life should have as many magical moments as possible. Those moments can help keep courage up and hope alive in difficult times. And that’s exactly what the Braunschweig Lions Club wanted to do for a total of nine children at the Braunschweig Pediatric Cancer ward (K5). They launched the project “Our […]

Easy Riders

The Almaguin Highlands Lions in Ontario couldn’t hold their annual bike rodeo this year due to the coronavirus, but that didn’t stop them from creating a vibrant bicycle course to show kids of all ages how to hone their bike handling skills.  

Relief from the Comfort of Home

Learning that your child has cancer is unfathomable. It is a moment you will surely never forget, sitting in the doctor’s office, trying to understand the words coming from the doctor, feeling as if the world around you is crashing. It is easy to let your mind think the worst, especially in areas of the […]

‘Love at first sight’

When PDG Ana Maria Silva walked through the Acosta Ñú Pediatric General Hospital’s cancer ward and saw children receiving chemotherapy, she felt a lump in her throat. Silva and her fellow Lions had brought the children toys to celebrate Los Reyes Magos, a South American holiday, playing a role similar to Santa Claus. The space was very small and there was little separation between the children. “Even with the toys, the children looked heartbroken,” Silva says.

Cans for Kids with Cancer

The Marquette Lions envisioned a simple three-hour event to collect and recycle empty, refundable aluminum cans. But they ended up moving a mountain — a mountain of 81,501 empty beverage cans worth 10 cents apiece, and it earned them more than US$8,100 for children battling cancer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Club Vice President Mary Rule […]

LCIF Grant Funds Life-Saving Cancer Research in Australia

Gloom and rain don’t keep 13-year-old Jack from fishing with his grandfathers. What would have stopped him just a few years ago was aggressive cancer doctors weren’t sure he’d survive. Jack’s first bout with cancer was a brain tumor. With surgery removing the growth, Jack’s cancer was eradicated. Just 18 months later, however, cancer returned, […]

Wishing Big for Childhood Cancer Patients

When Finley Holland was eight months old, a doctor discovered a tumor in her cheek. Her parents, Lions Tony and Stacy, began the grim routine so many families face when their children are sick. Appointment after appointment, they struggled to keep Finley entertained and distracted before an uncomfortable procedure or needle prink. They found games […]

Yoopers Put in the Miles for Kids with Cancer

When Rylan became sick his parents made the 1,000 mile round-trip journey several times a month to get him treatment. They did this multiple times a month, something any parent would do when their child is diagnosed with Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for families dealing […]

Unthinkable Journeys — Serving Families with Childhood Cancer

According to World Health Organization, over 1,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. While childhood cancer can be treatable, the outcome often depends on the child’s access to the proper resources and healthcare. Nonetheless, it is a devastating journey for families.  Since cancer impacts many children and their families, Lions all over the world […]