Free Fruit

The Ngongotaha Lions Club in New Zealand has given a barren roadside a whole new purpose. In 2016 the club donated more than 400 fruit and native trees to the Rotorua Ngongotaha Rail Park. Lion Ross Thompson, organizer of the event, said funding from the city council enabled them to add fruit trees to the […]

Food for Thought

Food for Thought A Dade City, Florida resident leaves the Norma Godinez Education and Arts building with bags full of cereal, canned goods, and pasta. Dade City is home to a large population of farmworkers who work the fruit and vegetable fields that blanket the state’s interior. Farmworkers often work long hours picking food that […]

Paying Off Lunch Debt Pays Off Big for Kids

For some students their school lunch is the only meal they will get all day. In Minnesota’s Minnetonka School District the Excelsior Lions are looking out for those children, seeing to it that everyone gets the food they need, and no child has to feel singled out for being different. The Lions donated money to […]

Feeding a Lot of Hungry People

The project was initiated by PID Vic Cheng Yong in partnership with the Filipino Chinese Lions Foundation and ATM Chain Foundation of China with the Quezon City Katarungan Central Lions Club and cost approximately US$76,000. It is the biggest project so far held by the Philippine Lions. The ATM Chain Foundation of China donated funds […]

Mending the Social Fabric

Across the country people of low socioeconomic status live shorter, sicker lives. But it isn’t that poor people have worse habits than healthy people. It’s that we’ve created environments that are so stressful it alters their genetic code.

Summer of Lunches

On a hot July morning in the Allegheny Mountains, 15 volunteers are busy in a church kitchen, slicing cucumbers, washing apples, making and bagging and counting sandwiches – a labor of love that’s only complete when 200 healthy sack lunches have been handed one-on-one to the kids in their community. But even then the job’s […]

What childhood hunger taught me about generosity

What childhood hunger taught me about generosity I was five years old when my mom took off with me to the coast. She said she needed a do-over. We were starting fresh, with no belongings, no toys, no furniture. She said we had empty hands so that we could catch new blessings. We also had […]

A Blueberry Orchard for Generations

An Empty Space Next door to the Albany Victory Gardens in Albany, New York, were unsightly, deserted lots. There were homes on the land that were previously declared uninhabitable, so they sat empty, dangerous, and unbeneficial to the environment. Lion Gregory Sheldon envisioned a better use for this land. He partnered with Albany Victory Gardens, […]

Leos Feed into Helping Those Living with HIV/AIDS

The Coppell High School Leo Club in Texas reached out to seven non-profit organizations in their quest to find a community project. What they chose proved that a little kindness and conversation over a warm, home-cooked meal can go a long way. On five occasions the Coppell Leos AIDS Supper Club in partnership with AIDS […]

Lions Solve a Food Scarcity Problem

When the only grocery store for miles closed in the small town of Tionesta, Pa., residents found themselves in a food desert. It seems hard to believe on the banks of the Allegheny River, along the lush Allegheny National Forest, but getting healthy food meant driving to towns 30 to 45 minutes away on hilly […]

Tornado Puts Small Town in Tailspin

When an EF3 tornado tore through Seneca, S.C., last spring, destroying more than 200 homes and damaging another 1,700, it passed within one quarter mile of the Golden Corner Food Pantry, the largest food pantry in Oconee County. They serve an average of 1,000 households a month, including hundreds of seniors. The City of Seneca […]

Sharing the Bounty

There’s no reason why a juicy orange, a tangy lemon, or a tasty tangerine should be left on a tree when it could help feed people in need. That’s the reasoning behind a citrus gleaning project spearheaded by the Phoenix Asian American Lions Club in District 21N in Phoenix, Arizona. “There is quite a bit […]

Kitchen Gardens Feed the Belly and the Soul

Residents of the St. Lucy Home for the Elderly on the West Indian island of Saint Lucia have been enjoying a bounty of freshly grown vegetables that are adding flavor and valuable nutrients to their diets. Thanks, in part, to the efforts of the 50-member strong Castries Lions Club, an array of vegetables, including broccoli, […]

Canned Goods Make Great Sculptures

The New Jersey Visionary Cyber Leo Club had a vision to bring together like-minded local organizations to achieve the goal of providing nutritious food for all members of their community – all while encouraging young people in the visual arts.

Scholarships Help Students Stay in School

Lion Ashok Kumar Mago knows how lonely it can be to leave one’s homeland and travel thousands of miles to a new country to pursue higher education. The charter member of the Dallas Indian Lions Club immigrated from India to the United States in 1974, when he also learned the financial difficulties of studying in […]

Gold Rush

More than 100 years ago, Mother Earth supplied so much iron ore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that Ishpeming, Michigan was a boom town. The population was over 13,000, mines employed many, and the economy was robust. They even had an opera house. But over the years, the industry changed, employment and population figures dropped, and […]