Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic

  Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic It’s an easy, 12-minute drive from Len Dompke’s suburban Chicago home to the local hospital. Yet, the first time Dompke made the drive, it was one of the hardest of his life. Making this drive meant recognizing and changing some unhealthy habits, which was not going to […]

LION Day Helps Beet Diabetes

In Dover, New York, the elementary school children have taste-tested everything from healthy mangoes to golden beets during their lunch time. At home their parents are being educated about combatting diabetes. It all started when The Town of Dover Lions Katie Pallmer-House and Patti Zangle were inspired by the Lion mantra “Think Global, Act Local” […]

Blood Sugar on the Brain

LION DR. MARCO SONGINI INVESTIGATES THE CONNECTION BETWEEN DIABETES AND BRAIN HEALTH When we talk about diabetes, we typically talk about two versions of the condition: Type 1 or Type 2. It’s important to distinguish between the two, because the type determines the treatment. But what if there’s a new type of diabetes — one […]

Mending the Social Fabric

When neighborhoods determine who is healthy and who is sick What makes us who we are? Beyond the genes that code for our eye color and skin tone, what determines all the nuances that make us…us? Are we strong because we inherited our grandmother’s sturdy build, or is it because we go to the neighborhood […]

Cooking Up Kindness

The Fraser Valley Lions Club is one of the 2021 Kindness Matters Service Award winners. Read more stories and check out a list of all the winners here. If you’re looking for majestic mountains, grand rivers, and lush valleys, Grand County, Colorado will not disappoint. Home of the Fraser Valley Lions Club, the natural beauty that […]