Beyond the Cane

Accessible computers open up a whole new world for the blind Barry Carver will be the first to say he was just wasting time. He spent his days listening to audio books, had nowhere to go, and no hope for his future. But then the box from Computers for the Blind (CFTB) was delivered to […]

‘Dogumentary’ Showcases Puppy Raisers

The King City Lions Club in Oregon welcomed a celebrity to one of their meetings: Potomac, a guide dog in training. Filmmakers were documenting his progress and the training of four other Labradors from Guide Dogs for the Blind, based in San Rafael, California. Potomac, lively and friendly, charmed the Lions, and the club declared […]

Lions Celebrate 20 Years of SightFirst in Madagascar

Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness. Moved to change the reality for those affected, more than 20 years ago, Lions in Madagascar started a SightFirst project to address the issue. Since then, the Lions have gone on to do so much more. “When we see the smiles of the people we help, it […]

Helen Keller is back in the Texas school curriculum

Past International President Jimmy Ross (2006-2007) and dozens of Lions in Texas put pen to paper protesting a proposed change to the Texas school curriculum that would eliminate Helen Keller from lesson plans. The preliminary decision by the Texas State Board of Education in September caused a stir among the public, and Lions spoke up […]

Guide Dogs Lead Marathon Runner Across Finish Line

Runner Thomas Panek made history on March 17, 2019 after becoming the first blind person to run in the United Airlines New York City Half Marathon without a human guide. Panek, the president and CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, ran with three Labrador retrievers that took turns in guiding him as he completed […]

Sight for Kids, a Powerful Partnership

Sight for Kids, a Powerful Partnership Ben was 3 years old. He should have felt happy, inquisitive, and brave. Instead, he always seemed to have an angry expression on his face. He rarely smiled. In addition, he had delayed motor skills and difficulty walking; he would frequently run into things. He was frustrated and expressed […]

Lions See a Need in Virginia

In Williamsburg, Virginia, patients in need of eye care were often just that: in need. Without an eye clinic in town, they were referred to local practices, and because many of the people do not have their own transportation, the no-show rate for referrals was high. Patients had to wait several weeks to a few […]

Growing in the Dark

Lion Floyd Poruban proves life flourishes in all kinds of conditions “WELL , HOW DID YOU DO IT ?” “It’s easy,” Floyd Poruban said to his doubting professor. “One has a sticky flower and one has a dry flower.” A horticulture student at The Ohio State University (OSU), Poruban had been assigned to distinguish between […]

KidSight Program Expands to Change Lives in Colombia

Esteban had never had his vision screened before. He had never seen those strange devices, but the Lions who brought them made him feel safe. He and his schoolmates lined up for vision testing, then followed the simple instructions: Look straight ahead and find the little bunny on the front of the machine. Esteban’s world […]

LEGO Braille Bricks Put Inclusive Play at Your Fingertips

Now parents of blind and visually impaired children will also need to watch their step: a new kind of LEGO brick is set for release in 2020. The Lego Group, the Danish toy company that makes the popular building block, has repurposed their hallmark knobs into braille dots. “With thousands of audiobooks and computer programs […]

SightFirst Gives New Life to People in Burkina Faso

SightFirst Gives New Life to People in Burkina Faso LCIF’s SightFirst program has been restoring and protecting sight for almost 30 years and is now present in 102 countries. This extraordinary program develops comprehensive eye care systems providing aid to underserved populations by developing comprehensive eye care systems. Projects include training eye care professionals and […]

Clearing Clouded Vision in Vanuatu

Clerence has battled diabetes since she was a baby. Unable to afford medical care, she developed cataracts which seriously impaired her vision. She lives in the gorgeous archipelago nation of Vanuatu, home to lush rainforests, soft sand beaches, and surrounded by turquoise water; however, the 23-year-old woman could no longer see its beauty. In Clerence’s […]

The World According to Sound

This one-hour live show puts the listener in the dark Have you ever heard the hum of a giraffe? Did you even know they make sounds? Until recently, scientists didn’t either. It was assumed that their 13-foot long necks were too long to produce sufficient air flow to vibrate their vocal chords and produce noise. […]

The Waggle Dance

Aerial Gilbert can tell a lot about her bees just by listening. She has three beehives on her back patio in Petaluma, California. “I can hear how the bees are behaving — if they’re agitated, if there are other bees trying to get in the hive, or if it’s too crowded or too hot or […]

When Seeing Clearly is a Luxury, Lions Create Change

In underserved areas of Utah, USA, eye care can be inaccessible and unaffordable. Lions, who care deeply about the welfare of their community, recognize the large number of children going without eye care and are working to provide the care they need.

Play with Me

Elias Mastoras couldn’t believe that he hadn’t seen the need to help young children who are blind play soccer. For years, Mastoras has helped make blind soccer popular across the world. Mastoras, a youth soccer trainer, became a referee for adult blind soccer games in 1999. He worked as a Paralympics referee in 2004 during […]

Uncovering a Bright, New World for the People in Liberia

Receiving eye care in Liberia can be difficult. There are only six ophthalmologists in the entire country, all working in the capital of Monrovia. Only two of the ophthalmologists regularly perform cataract surgery. As cataracts are the main cause of blindness (60 percent) and severe visual impairment (62 percent) in Liberia, this shortage is causing […]

Hakuna Matata

In-person gatherings have been sorely missed by the clients of the Lion Center for the Visually Impaired (LCVI) in Pittsburg, California. The center, which serves about 200 seniors a year who are blind or have low vision, shut down in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was a blow,” says Richard Grange, marketing […]

Seeing A Way Through

The Taos Lions traditionally screen more than 1,000 students from 17 schools each year in Taos County, New Mexico. But with hybrid schedules and remote learning last year, they couldn’t safely do the usual testing of an entire student body in one day inside a darkened auditorium. Lion Mary Pencin, in her first year as […]

Straight From a Lion’s Mouth

Being able to hear a recording of LION magazine helps Lion Andy Arvidson, who is blind, stay informed and connected with other Lions. In a project called Lions Reading to Lions, the magazine, which comes out two times a year, is recorded by members of three clubs in Georgia: the Athens Lions Club, the Oconee […]

Stopping to Smell the Herbs

Whether it is a Lions’ or a Boy Scouts’ meeting, a wedding reception, a picnic for the visually impaired, or a person renting crutches from a medical closet, Five Senses Park in Wheatfield, New York is certainly a community hub. The 14-acre park is owned by the Town of Wheatfield Lions Club, which purchased it […]

Lost, Broken, Left behind

It was last summer when thousands of people in Afghanistan left their possessions behind to frantically board planes for safe haven in the U.S.
During the chaos of their departure, many prescription eyeglasses were among those small but vital items that were left behind.

A New Frontier

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for vision. In early February, 2022, a team of researchers successfully implanted a first-of-its-kind artificial vision system into the brain of a blind volunteer. The Intracortical Visual Prosthesis (ICVP) bypasses the retina and optic nerves and connects directly with the visual cortex, creating the potential for […]

A Smile for Sight

Sight is one of our most valuable senses. It allows us to connect with the moments in life and with each other. After a premature birth, twins Kaya and Alime were both diagnosed with an eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity, and they needed treatment to protect their sight and prevent blindness. Their parents, Ibrahim […]

Vision for Change: Addressing Eye Health Challenges

In Pakistan, there are 570,000 adults grappling with blindness due to cataracts. This is the most common cause of avoidable blindness in the country with 51.5% of the blind community burdened with it. Additionally, 11.77% of citizens in Pakistan have type 2 diabetes mellitus, with 29% of those people experiencing diabetic retinopathy (DR), an eye […]